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super mario odyssey: jumping into a joyful journey

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-17
Through the colorful world, it is the playground you explore and enjoy for imaginative adventures.
\"Super Mario Odyssey\" is like a familiar 3D platform game, but it feels like a pure sublimation of childlike fun and miracles.
This is a game that makes the simple movements of running and jumping very interesting because you run and jump in a world of elaborate production, this is imaginative with the obstacle course full of surprises and creative design
So everyone, it\'s better to put on your adventure hat because we\'re going to take a chance with Mario. Let’s-a go!
The story of the Super Mario Odyssey begins with peach and is once again kidnapped for Bowser\'s wedding, which makes Mario embark on another great adventure to save the princess. The unique (and hat themed)
The premise of this game is that the nominal plumber is accompanied by Cappy-a friendly magic hat that has the ability to have other creatures-they all wear hats to the magical New Kingdom --
The basic game mechanics of Mario seem simple and can be explained: Mario can run and jump in the 3D world, he can throw a hat --
Friend kapi on things.
Half of the game experience is Mario Discovery sandbox-
Like a kingdom looking for power satellites (i. e.
Collectible MacGuffins)
Unlock neat bonuses in advance for stories and special coins (
Like fashionable new clothes);
The other half is running Mario through the \"obstacle course\" level known for classic Mario games.
If the basic game sounds fairly basic and simple, it\'s because it\'s: The real magic makes the game very interesting and gives the depth of the game a clever level and world design, and the odd enemies you can capture using Cappy. (
Oh wait, I know the name now! )
Lift up the sailing kingdoms that Mario and CAPI visit in the Odyssey-in fact, each of these kingdoms level/obstacle classes and creatures have their own unique themes and mechanisms that make them special and memorable.
This means that, unlike the classic game design, in the classic game design, the \"next stage\" is like the current stage, but the monster is more difficult, the Super Mario Odyssey will bring you an exciting journey to see new sights and experience new experiences.
For example, when you set sail to the sand country, you will be greeted by a desert landscape reminiscent of Mexico and continue to be crazy high-
Speed up your ride in Jaxi and learn to deal with quicksand.
You will be introduced to the classic bullet bill enemies, but this time you can control them with Cappy, so now you can be a moustache missile and head to the distant ruins dotted with the desert
Then, when you travel to the Seaside Kingdom, you leave all of this behind, because now you will encounter open world areas and barrier course levels that need to learn to control water --
Spray octopus creatures and then fly around with a water column with an \"octopus.
Super Mario Odyssey confidently introduces new game ideas at every opportunity-ideas that can be indie games and then abandon them before they have a chance to get bored.
Every Kingdom has endless interesting content for you to discover, every new enemy you encounter (
With your hat)
Open up exciting new ways to interact with the world.
This means that Mario\'s big adventure is not like a rescue mission, more like it. . .
Have a very interesting holiday in different countries.
Peach, sorry!
I know you are in danger, but I have to go to a nice little bar in Tostarena and take selfies with the locals.
I mean, they\'re dancing! Even the in-
The game map screen is designed like a travel brochure-full of travel advice and interesting knowledge-to further encourage you to get into the mindset of an excited visitor and to keep thinking, \"Okay, what are the new and exciting places in this city?
By the way, the answer is usually \"almost everything you see \".
I can list the bugs of Super Mario Odyssey if I really want.
First of all, girls in distress, while jokingly used, remain an unfortunate and overused storytelling metaphor. (
I mean, peach, come on, I see you kick Bowser\'s metaphorical ass with your actual ass in super crush bro. )
Considering how tricky the 3D platform is to make, the camera is very important, it sometimes becomes unstable in the narrow area, putting Mario behind the box.
Also, if you play Mario primarily to challenge obstacle classes, then you need to do a lot of exploration and crossing to find the advanced level that really tests your skills.
Still, I\'m really hard to get angry with a game that works so hard to make sure I have fun.
In fact, Super Mario Odyssey works very hard to make sure everyone is having a good time-the game is designed to make it available to you and everyone in your home.
If you want to explore Mario\'s colorful world, but are worried that you don\'t have the skills you need to deal with the platform challenges, don\'t-there is an optional secondary mode that can guide you through the levels, let you survive the deadly waterfall.
Hell, even \"death\" is only a small coin penalty, so there is nothing to worry about making mistakes.
Or, if you\'re a parent who wants to share family happiness --
Play friendly games with your daughter or son with an optional two player mode that lets one of you control an indestructible Cappy.
Most importantly, you have a choice-if you are having trouble collecting a certain force moon because it is at a level of obstacle that is too tricky, for example, and then you can forget it forever, go after one of the hundreds of other power satellites.
This game is full of opportunities and choices to meet the various experiences of relaxation or challenge.
Just choose the one that suits you. after all, this is your odyssey. Odyssey, look!
Super Mario Odyssey is a pleasure and I can\'t recommend it.
Whether you\'re a kid looking for a friendly introduction to the magical world of video games or an adult player who wants to play fresh and familiar games, the Odyssey won\'t stop having fun.
I\'m starting to think that Nintendo is not only one of the best video game manufacturers, but also one of the best toy manufacturers.
Games like Skyrim want you to enjoy the game as an epic adventurer.
Games like the unknown world want you to enjoy a movie story experience.
On the other hand, games like Super Mario Odyssey just want you to enjoy the game.
This is a game that knows how to make you happy without any cover, just like a kid with a new toy.
Nintendo, I salute you.
Advantages: simple core games that hide a lot of depth;
Creative level/world/enemy design;
All kinds of players are accessible.
Cons: Oh, no, is it another girl in a sad story?
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