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super scribblenauts walkthrough

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-17
Your unofficial super graffiti guides the original graffiti, which has a variety of potential solutions to challenges.
The difficulty of the level usually depends on the player\'s own frame of reference.
What one seems to be very obvious is the extent to which the other person is stuck;
This range and challenge is one of my favorite aspects of the game.
Here\'s the solution I used to beat Super graffiti.
You can make your own suggestions in the message book.
Constellation 1: level 1-1 through 1-111-1 -
Which is the real star?
Cut down the tree and run past the potential StarCraft.
Beavers, Peckers and logging workers are possible solutions.
As he runs past, Maxwell will catch the real star. 1-2 -
Place an object with similar features in an empty box to complete the puzzle.
What these two creatures have in common is that the neck is particularly long.
It may include ostrich, Scorpion, Dragon. 1-3 -Pit stop!
The car needs to replace the parts in order to get back on track!
Engine, tires, steering wheel may be included.
To achieve this goal, hand over the character to the crew. 1-4 -
The beach party is starting!
It may include: Boombox, cooler, pizza, water skiing, beach balls, beach umbrellas, blankets. 1-5 -Help the step-
Brothers become friends!
Their love for sports will bring them together.
Each of them needs to play the same sport, such as baseball gloves and baseball, hockey sticks and Puck, football helmets and football, or basketball and baskets. 1-6 -
Lead to extinction without weapons or asteroids!
A hurricane, volcano, plague, or flood. 1-7 -
Provide a home for every creature.
Caves, jungles, circuses, and zoos are suitable for Tigers;
For people: houses, tents, luxury houses, sheds;
Cow: Barn, field, ranch. 1-The boy froze! Help him!
The quickest way is to summon the sun and put it next to the ice.
Other means include giving Maxwell a Flater or using other sources of fire such as campfire, torch or candle. 1-9 -The create-a-
Tron assemble things by putting specific items inside.
Help Maxwell use create-a-tron.
Head, arms, legs, torso, hands, feet. 1-10 -
Unlock the statue in the right order!
Remember, Maxwell can interact with nearby objects by clicking on them.
There is the use of Maxwell. in this order: yellow key, Green Key, Blue Key, red key. 1-11 -
Here comes the intruder!
Make weapons for the villagers!
Every villager needs a different type of weapon to turn them into a fighter.
Here are some possibilities: Athletes
Sword, machete, Sword of God, even fl, knife
Gun, pistolSensei-
Nun chuck, throwing star, Brass Rolling flower
Rifle, grenade, Chainsaw Warrior
The second constellation of Dagger: Level 2-1 through 2-92-1 -
Place an object with similar features in an empty box to complete the puzzle!
Need something with a shell, like aro, crab or lobster. 2-2 -
Help this person jump off the cliff safely!
Parachute, glider, trampoline. 2-3 -
The King of the jungle needs rest!
The moon fell to night and the lion fell asleep.
I also used \"Full Moon\" and \"New Moon\" for advanced mode \". 2-4 -
Put an object in an empty box!
Use adjectives to make it a cross between buildings and animals!
Through the House and animals.
The furry building will work like a furry trailer, a furry RV or a fur tent. 2-5 -
Help magicians Maxwell make the lion disappear!
Flip the red switch.
Turn on the blue switch.
Use the fan to blow the lion through the Blue Wall & use the switch to lower the blue wall again.
Then flip the red switch and raise the red wall to get the stars.
The lion behind the blue wall can also be tempted with meat or steak.
Killing the lion will lose its level. 2-6 -
Place the food with Maxwell who uses these ingredients.
Three consecutive wins!
Contacts were also established through chef count.
Pizza, French toast, sandwiches, omelet. 2-
What does he want to do when he grows up?
Summoning professional members who suggest items in the boy\'s room, such as: football player, quarterback, doctor, surgeon, fireman, fire captain, rock star, rock singer (person)
Racing driver, zoo keeper2-8 -
Put an object in the box!
Use adjectives to make it similar to its neighbors!
Need to make a metal meat to eat.
I have used: robot zombies, undead robot sharks, metal Tigers. 2-9 -
Potions with adjectives change any object they use.
Use potions on this person and give him the qualities of the Dragon!
Fire spray, scales and flight potions that meet the requirements.
Constellation 3: Level 3-1 through 3-103-1 -
Help witch make love potion!
Fill the big pot with sweet, sticky and beautiful things.
Adjectives cannot be used.
These requirements were met with lollipops, clams and crowns.
Now we need to help the monster fall in love by taking potions to the monster. 3-2 -
Place objects with similar features in the box to complete the puzzle.
They\'re all flyers or vampires. Mosquito works.
The same is true of the vampire pterosaur and the flying chupacabra. 3-
Put a dwarf or giant in an empty box!
Use adjectives to make him similar to another character! Small giant.
Connect a fool with a professor and summon a dumb professor.
A hero\'s villain will link the villain to the hero. 3-4 -Emergency!
Wake up the astronauts and put out the fire!
Alarm Clock, alarm clock or siren (alarm)
And then fire out with heavy rain, firefighters or ice cubes. 3-5 -
Place the object in an empty box and complete each mathematical equation.
The final result must be an adjective! As ghost -
Telescope, hammer, rope3-10 -
Complete each scene by adding objects.
Look for similarities between scenes and find out the missing objects!
Add a chief surgeon, fire truck, police car and police station.
Constellation 4: Level 4-1 through 4-114-1 -Starite get!
Connecting the two balloons to Maxwell, he has enough lift to jump to the platform.
Starite is in one of the boxes.
Advanced Mode: Wing, jet pack. 4-2 -
Maxwell\'s mission: discover a strange new world!
Summon a planet for Maxwell to discover.
Mars, alternate patterns of the Earth. 4-3 -
Give Life Back to Oasis!
Replace the water first.
For example, the river.
The grass adds grazing material and completes this level after eating a deer.
Alternate: Oasis, shrubs, gazelles;
Swimming pool, tree, zebra. 4-
Open a grocery store for her.
Create a variety of food channels.
Six kinds of food are needed.
May include: Bakery: Donuts, cakes, bread drinks: Soda, bottled water, juice/spices: peanut butter, honey/nuts: cereals, almondJunk food: ice cream, chips, chocolate: hot dogs, sirloin, steakProduce: pineapple, corn, grape4-5 -
The lady is looking at her weight and providing her with healthy food!
For Mrs. broccoli and for men a Mexican chili and honey.
Salad, chili, cinnamon roll;
Zucchini, Curry, cake. 4-6 -
Place two people with Maxwell, who will use these objects.
Three consecutive wins!
Three consecutive objects can be used by two different people.
Firefighters/firefighters use hoses, axes, walkie-talkie. The builders use shovels, picks, walkie-talkie and jacks.
Hair stylist/barber brush, scissors7 -
Protect Maxwell from the plague
Can\'t hurt mice
Vaccinate Maxwell.
It will then ask you to give the doctor a sample to check, so ask Maxwell to grab a mouse and hand it over to her.
Then they want you to help the doctor find a treatment, so give the doctor another vaccine.
Finally, you need to heal the girl, so give her the vaccine potion bottle you gave the doctor. 4-8 -
Dress or take the items they like to impress the judges!
Activate the level when Maxwell is ready!
I used the furry crown and the green bow tie.
Advanced Mode: diamond necklace, clover, dress pants, spotted shoes;
Golden Circus, clover, hairy tuxedo. 4-9 -
Place objects in the box to complete each mathematical equation.
The final result must be an adjective!
The unicorn minus the angle equals the horse.
The Mermaid adds a white object and a black object to open the gray gate. 5-2 -
Use adjectives to make regular objects in actors and props of horror movies!
Zombie Girl, frightened boy, evil yak, haunted axe, ghost fireman.
Other options: the scared cheerleader, the ugly dog, the undead cat, the mean axe, the creepy Shide dead, the brave princess, the terrible villain, the zombie skull, the loffaf5-3 -
Create bridges with adjectives and help dogs guide their owners to the finish line!
They are looking for a heavy Bridge, a long bridge and a fire Bridge.
Anti-bridge. 5-4 -
This man needs a haircut!
Give the stylist the tools she needs! Scissors.
Then summon hair gel for this woman, and finally summon hair dye for the last customer.
Razors, curlers, bleach;
Electric Shaver, curlers (tool), chlorine. 5-5 -
Find a reason for an expert to check the prisoners!
Firefighters responded to the campfire in the cell, the plague doctor, the chaotic doorman, and the psychiatrist of the prisoner frightened by the ghost. 5-6 -
Create yak with adjectives that mimic the above characteristic sequence!
Travel to yak and fly to yak. 5-7 -
Maxwell is a tooth fairy!
Let the boy sleep and buy him money for his teeth.
Give the boy hot milk and he goes to sleep.
Give Maxwell a coin.
Let Maxwell pick up his teeth in the past, where he will put down the coins to meet the requirements of the level.
Alternatives: Sleeping pills, pennies;
Money, calming agent5-8 -
Scare your friends, don\'t get caught!
First, make the weather weird. Rain (storm).
Now give Maxwell a horrible disguise and terrible weapon like a hockey mask and a chainsaw.
Alternate: Fog, cloak, spear;
Hurricane mask (fun), musket (weapon). 5-9 -
Help the Knight opposite!
Summon a flying horse for the Knight and another for Maxwell. Fly across.
Alternating forward mode: kill the fish with thunder, summon the wing Dragon for the Knight, and lead him through.
Kill the fish with a toaster and put a jet pack on the Knight. 5-10 -
Dress or take the items they like to impress the judges!
Activate the lever when Maxwell is ready!
West Cape, Tutu, cowboy hat, football
Tights, cowboy boots, pink football helmets.
Cloak, moustache, headdress, splint. 5-11 -Use the create-a-
The snowman of Tron.
Big snowball, big stick, hat, scarf, Button, carrot. 5-12 -
Please teach at the university!
Historians, scientists, mathematicians, doctors, linguists.
Advanced model: Artist, psychologist, nutritionist, biologist, sociologist.
Physicists, nutritionists, archaeologists, psychiatrists, engineers.
Constellation 6: Level 6-1 through 6-136-1 -
Create a cave man by using adjectives and copy the above characteristic sequence in an empty box!
Armored wild man, dangerous wild man. 6-2 -
Win the recognition of parents with gifts!
The fabric used by my mother, the rifle used by my father (! ! )
Rainbow pillow for girls. 6-3 -
Help the botanist decorate her garden!
Rose, chrysanthemum, three-color lotus, Lily, clove, clove, tree, statue.
Advanced Mode: Terrace, hedge, trim, grass, Magnolia, water basin, bird feeder, Elm.
Willow trees, poppies, ferns, apple trees, lotus flowers, tarmac, cherry blossoms, fountains. 6-4 -
Assist the bear!
Put the Nitro on the Rock and light it with a candle.
Connect the rope to the Hunter and pass the other end through the space between the ledge, which will pull the Hunter and the cub together from the ledge and land on the ledge near Maxwell
Eat meat for hungry cubs.
Alternate: Use a small blast bucket as a rock, blow the Hunter off the ledge of the small room with a fan, and use honey as a hungry cub.
To protect the mother bear\'s wall and dismantle bombs and bombers on the rocks (
He deletes him after lighting the lights, and then removes the wall after the bomb explodes)
, The tractor beam removed the hunter from the ledge of the small room and prepared a sandwich for the hungry cub. 6-5 -
Put the human with adjectives in the first empty box of each line.
Then put the clothes in the second empty box and get the result!
Funny person clown not dead scorpion fill another.
Constellation 10-10-1 through 10-510-1 -
Recruit different professionals to colonize Mars.
Farmers, doctors, engineers, astronauts, historians, generals. 10-2 -
Prepare for police training!
Put a police hat on Maxwell.
Put a parking meter near the car.
Put the bomb in the suitcase.
Dog meat.
Put knives, bodies and villains at the crime scene.
Gather a storm to disperse the rioters. 10-3 -
Prepare school buildings for the new year!
Table, chair, table, Blackboard, chalk, eraser, poster, ball. 10-4 -
Santa dropped his list!
Figure out where each child lives and put the right toys in their box.
Order of houses from left to right: Mandy-
Winter sports like ice hockey. Zach -
Gifts related to Cowboys, such as a rope. Samantha -
A gift related to music, such as a cd or musical instrument. Todd -
So he got a piece of coal. 10-5 -Follow the UFO!
The answer is: answer. ; )
S1 level S1-1 through S1-9S1-1 -
Bring starite to Maxwell using buttons and switches.
Flip the brown switch and the Orange switch.
Turn on the button to open the fan.
Attach a balloon to the StarCraft that will float and blow to the wall above the orange gate.
Turn off the fan button.
Flip the brown switch and turn the fan back on, connect another balloon if the first one pops up.
After Starite blows to the next part above the brown platform, flip the orange switch.
Turn the fan back on.
Attach the rope to the balloon, and the other end of the balloon hangs near the lever to reduce the weight of the balloon, passing the balloon through the narrow opening between starite and Maxwell.
When the balloon is safely placed around Maxwell, use a small vent as much as possible to manipulate starite through the opening.
Then turn off the electric fan and delete the ropes and balloons so that the starlings can descend to Maxwell. S1-2 -
Save the StarCraft!
Put two balloons on the StarCraft.
Give Maxwell wings.
Fly over tripwire and catch starite. S1-3-
Don\'t let any animals get hurt!
Flip the purple switch and lure the tiger into the central square with meat.
Then move the tiger from the red door to the purple platform.
Flip the green lever, drop the coyote that started with the tiger, and then flip again to close the gate.
Flip the orange lever and attract the bird from the lower left corner with bird species.
Flip the orange levers back when they are in the middle or right.
Let them go in with the Stars.
Now it should be possible to flip the purple lever clearly, lure the hyena to the middle with meat, and place the tiger in the lower left corner.
Flip the green and orange bars.
The Orange lever will close the orange trap doors on birds and stars.
Drop Maxwell on the right side near the second set of levers.
Lure the tiger back to the top left corner with meat if you need it, then flip the orange lever to lock him in.
Then, flip the red switch and lower Maxwell to the bottom.
Catch the star. S1-4 -
Find the real star!
Each tripwire destroys the same platform as its own color.
To get to this level, the prudent way is to install a balloon on each star and then go through the travel line at a time, check the star and see if it is the real star.
The real star is behind the green platform, so tie it to the balloon and go through the travel line to get it. S1-5 -
Get the stars!
Give Maxwell wings.
Fly over and flip the orange lever.
Summon a stone and put it on the red button.
Equip a shovel and cross the red wall.
Remove the rock from the button.
Position Maxwell on the axis below starite, as high as possible.
This should put him under an orange platform.
Put the rock back on the red button and move the red platform back below Maxwell.
Now float the balloon into the blue button and put an engineer on the orange lever
He was supposed to flick the switch on the way by and drop the stars on Maxwell\'s head. . S1-6 -
Catch the shy star!
Give Maxwell wings.
Set traps (
I lost a bird seed to detonate them)
Fly around them
Starite will fly to the far end of the cave and then let you catch it. S1-7 -
Watch out for Ninja Sharks!
Tie a rope on the bomb, stretch the other end to the shark and let it fall.
It should slowly pull the bomb off the ledge and detonate it without hurting the StarCraft.
Then put a vent on the top of the StarCraft, which will blow the Navy mines onto the red stumbling line and drop the prickly rice balls.
Vents should be able to stop them from falling near Starstone.
Then discard the vents, equip Maxwell with a scuba tank, and dive down to get the StarCraft.
This should happen too fast for sharks and won\'t be a problem, but if you have a problem, Cthulhu can get the ninja shark out before Maxwell dives (
Then delete kousu, otherwise he will have a problem). S1-8 -Bombs away!
Plug in Maxwell\'s wings and let him fly above the gas station as much as possible.
Summon a steel door and place it in a horizontal position with the wall frame of the red switch.
You may need to summon a stone to put it down and make it out of balance and flop.
Don\'t put it on the edge of the blast bucket or you\'ll have to start over.
When it becomes normal, summon the glue and attach it to the right, then put your door back into the spout, drop the bomb, and stick it to the wall on the right, under the spout.
This will bounce the bombs back onto the gas station ledge to prevent them from falling off and detonate the blast barrel.
Now you can fly Maxwell by dropping a bomb on the switch, open the gate and fly to StarCraft. S1-9 -
Beware of the domino effect!
Put two balloons on the StarCraft.
When it landed on the ceiling, put the Wings on Maxwell and let him fly all the way to where he was going and leave him there.
Put something down to detonate the barrel-
Rocks, seeds or something.
After all of them exploded, throw Maxwell on the floor, run to the stars and fly up and grab it.
S2 level S2-1 through S2-14S2-1 -
Don\'t touch anything!
Equip the fairy wings and continue the flight.
Try adding fast boots if you feel you need faster speed. S2-2 -
Release star by pressing the button!
The way this level works is that when you press the red button to release the Starstone, it slowly drops and then rides the conveyor belt to Maxwell.
At the same time, a crate fell and sat on the blue button, causing Maxwell to stand on the platform and slowly push him to the nail on the ceiling.
I stuck the glue to a box, stuck to the wall, positioned to block the spout of the crate, which gave starite enough time to drop it all the way down to Maxwell. S2-3 -Going up?
To clear the path, connect the spike ball to a different vent using a rope.
I took the two I wanted to move (
Bottom right and top left)
On the far right, the upper vent.
Disconnect the original rope by bouncing the campfire towards it, be careful not to ignite your new rope as well.
It\'s safe to ignore the fire passage, just bypass it, but the storm is good if you want to put it out.
Choose the way you fly and fly Maxwell to StarCraft through your newly cleaned path. S2-4 -Beware!
Both lower travel lines have destroyed the rope attached to starite!
Place a bridge in the slot above starite to block the spike.
Then put the Wings on Maxwell and give him a wire.
Starite should float, be caught on the bridge, and then bounce slowly through the trough.
Connect the rope to starite through the slot and give Maxwell the other end if you want to speed it up. S2-5 -
Navigate the elements to starite!
The barrel of the explosion will destroy the land that raised the green button.
Let them finish, the button will fall into the water, and then, the level is a fairly simple problem, put a stone down on the button, and then time Maxwell\'s flight time, to avoid danger and catch a star. S2-6 -
Let\'s play starite pachinko.
Summon a steel doorSummon glue.
Apply the glue to the peak point on the wall above the green button and attach the steel door to it and stick it straight up.
This should stop the rolling star from falling into the hole above the peak, but bounce it back into the pit with Maxwell.
Press the purple button now.
When starite is captured on the steel door trap, flip the blue switch to turn off the blue vent and starite should fall in with Maxwell. S2-7 -
Don\'t hurt the chicken!
The storm put out the fire.
Delete it after the storm.
Flip the far right lever and place the boulder on the blue button.
When the chicken falls onto the red fire passage, lift the boulder from the blue button with two balloons.
The chicken is safe now.
Flip the two blue levers in the middle.
Lift the big stone up with a balloon and turn on the red and orange switches that Release the Stars.
Remove the balloon on the left Boulder and put it back in the hole again to help Maxwell jump high enough to reach the star. S2-8 -
Trapped between the Rock and the hard place!
Connect the spike ball to its vents or nearby ground with a very short rope or belt.
Put the seeds or rocks on the blast bucket on the vent and on the blast bucket on the ice over Maxwell\'s head.
Put the storm on the fire passage until it goes out and delete the storm.
Now, Maxwell can fly to the stars in the maze, avoiding red and yellow stumbling lines and double explosive barrels. S2-9 -
Prevent the spike from falling!
Send the first spike ball into space with a giant magnetic balloon.
Do the same for the explosion barrel on the right side of the next line.
Put out the fire with heavy rain and delete it.
Give Maxwell wings and shovels.
Put him in the row above the remaining spike ball, where he can dig a hole for it without falling in.
Fly him back from a dangerous place and send the spike ball into space with another huge magnetic balloon.
Now, the path should be clear, or almost clear, to allow Maxwell to work down, to the left, to the stars. S2-10 -
Once the StarCraft is close, the gate will open.
Give Maxwell wings.
Attach balloons to StarCraft.
This will slow down the starlings.
Cross the trip wire and fly Maxwell to one of the doors through the spike.
They will open with the StarCraft and get close to them, hoping you can get Maxwell to fly up and grab it before it gets destroyed on the spike. S2-11 -
Only stars can pass safely.
Block the lava with horizontal steel doors and fix it in place with glue.
Burn the candle side against the rope with another glue and release starite.
Blow the stars to Maxwell with a fan.
The Spike falls on the fan, so it may take two or three hours to get starite close enough to Maxwell to jump down and grab it. S2-12 -
Four little monkeys jump around in bed, don\'t blow their heads!
Give each monkey wings
Flip the red switch and place Maxwell on a narrow opening.
Attach a few balloons to the StarCraft.
Use a fan or extra vent to guide starite to Maxwell if needed. S2-13 -
Don\'t touch anything!
Stuck a bridge next to Maxwell, blocking the water droplets.
Quickly attach the balloon to the StarCraft, and then put seeds on the exploding barrel.
This will briefly take the StarCraft off the damage, blast the barrel, and drop the StarCraft on the bridge. S2-14 -
Don\'t be claustrophobic!
The two creatures, stalactites and stalactites, were removed from the explosion barrel.
Use Balloons, vents or fans to send starite up and go a long way around the water, remove the balloon when you need it to fall.
Attach the glue and a bridge to plug the holes in the floor and vent the star by having the little passage where Maxwell is trapped, and you\'re done.
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