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swans, pineapples, angel wings: how the novelty pool float conquered instagram

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-06
Brittany Goodman is already looking for the perfect swimming pool to float when spring comes.
She carefully read the target channel and small boutiques in April and was determined to find her place to go
For this season\'s floating
In 2016, it\'s a tube that looks hot.
Pink doughnuts
The next year, she bought two: one in the shape of a unicorn and the other in the shape of a diamond ring.
Raleigh residents in North Carolina recently settled in a utilitarian black man. and-blue tube -
Maybe more likely than others to endure a trip on the River
But she still stared at an inflatable camel.
Of course, pool floats should be able to float reliably.
But more importantly, their Instagram-
We have entered the era of rose shining.
Golden Swan, huge pineapple and eightfoot-
Wide Angel wings
In 2019, most things, including PVC pool inflatable toys, are now optimized for social media.
\"We put the form of these products before the function,\" admits Andreas Alfonso, creative development director for inflatable toy maker BigMouth.
On the Internet, swimming pool floats are an accessory to summer;
It is a universal symbol of excessive leisure and pure relaxation, decorated with carefree subtitles about The Sun and the beach.
It all started with Taylor Swift\'s Instagram post.
2015 summer she shared a photo of herself and then-
Boyfriend Calvin Harris, two swimsuits-
Dressed and perched on a giant swan.
A few weeks later, swans and some other inflatable animals appeared again at Swift\'s famous party in July 4.
Suddenly, animal floats became \"the hottest trend of the season,\" People magazine claims \".
Since then, celebrities, influencers and the public have flocked to buy and pose for similar vibrant inflatable toys.
In New Jersey, thousands of people gather every year at Tices Shoal.
Called floats and boats together (
Original name Floatchella)
And pre-warning attendees \"no basic float is allowed \".
\"They are the staple food of summer,\" said Mandy Ansari of New York . \"
Lifestyle blog.
\"Floats do not leave the pop culture, but every year, fashion designs or trends are changing.
\"The pool floats are bright and fancy, usually a huge floating version, and are a random eye-catching object, such as a bottle of rose red or monster leaves.
Because almost any shape can be floating (
Including human torso)
According to the United Company Blake Barrett, the market for pool accessories is expanding
Founder of Los Angeles Funboy
Basic business selling summer necessities.
Swift bought several original Funboy rafts for her 2015 party, he said, a defining moment for the company, when it was only a few weeks old.
The seasonal niche market brings competition and there is an urgent need for original design.
On 2016, BigMouth filed a claim for counterfeiting and copyright against two competitors, claiming that its flamingos, pineapple and doughnut floating designs were copied.
\"The inflatable business, not that it\'s an easy thing to do, has a lower entry threshold compared to any over-designed business,\" said BigMouth\'s Alfonso . \".
The successful design is unforgettablestopping\" -
Visually interesting enough to pop up on Instagram feed.
Alfonso cited the popularity of the company\'s pink donuts, a design inspired by The Simpsons.
\"Everything we do now is reflected through the lens of what is going to appear on the camera or video,\" Barrett said . \".
\"We almost subconsciously think about the visual aesthetics of each product and how it looks online.
\"Last year, two designers launched a Kickstarter campaign for millennials --
Pink coffin raft
Industrial designer Andrew Greenbaum described it as a decorative artwork and a swimming pool toy.
He envisions a concept that is different from any other floating in the market.
For whatever reason, his pink coffin resonated online and soon became a meme.
\"The coffin is comparable to the visual aesthetics of the Internet,\" he said . \".
\"People make shocking things with common objects and patterns.
\"Celebrities and influencers make pool floats popular, but they have become the backbone of summer culture in their own way: people find them interesting and self-containedexpressive.
Photographer Nicole Hodge has three swimming pool floats and her three children like to jump down and swim with the floats.
\"I took a lot of pictures of the kids outside, so this year I chose to buy fruit --
\"The theme floats add some color and fun to my images,\" she said . \".
The family has a watermelon, pineapple and colorful rainbow flower cart, although Hodge recently lamented in the title of Instagram that they were soon deflated.
For a generation connected to social media, floating is similar to props
Help communicate something about a certain lifestyle that customers are trying to embody.
Funboy\'s float maker has higher expectations of becoming a luxury lifestyle brand.
Instagram feed reminds people of the infamous Fyre music festival promotional video --
Slim women in small bikinis and men who occasionally lie on the sparkling water occupy here.
It\'s not just a huge Flamingo raft that customers buy.
They believe in an interesting promise-filled, beach-babe lifestyle.
But unlike the Fyre Festival, Barrett insists it is selling a luxury that is available.
This is a product designed for people who can\'t afford a yacht or a waterslide, but still worth showing their summer fun online.
\"It\'s a luxury to absorb some sunshine,\" Barrett said . \".
\"You may not have that yacht, but you can have fun in the cool pool like other celebrities.
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