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swedish women start \'vigilante\' patrols at swimming pools after reports of sexual assaults by refugees

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-04
A female-
Women and children are reported to have been sexually harassed by refugees, and only \"fumbling guards\" in Sweden patrol the swimming pool.
The manager of Kalma city leisure center, the Tafsvakten group, was founded there, saying only one attack was reported in recent months, but founder Siri bernhardsson claimed that women became too afraid to visit.
\"The more I read, the more angry I get,\" she told the cloverten.
\"It\'s not right that women and families should not go to the pool in all places.
It\'s not a dark alley or a horrible nightclub. ”The 24-year-old is co-
Coordinate volunteers and collect donations through her \"Tafsvakten\" Facebook page to cover transportation, food and pool access.
It was established in February 4 and has since received more than 2,000 praises, with women in towns and towns across Sweden promising similar patrols.
\"The news is full of articles about harassment and rape in Swedish bathhouses,\" MS Bernhardson\'s mission statement wrote . \".
\"I have had enough!
I want to give my support.
\"But the initiative has been controversial because she has been charged with lynching, racism and xenophobia and inciting hatred against more than 160,000 asylum seekers who arrived in Sweden last year.
Scandinavian countries, which have the largest number of refugees per capita in Europe, are known for their humanitarian policies, but after border control and welfare cuts, thousands of asylum seekers are now being deported.
It is reported that police have covered up mass sexual assault by teenage immigrants at the Swedish music festival and accused male asylum seekers of attacking a public swimming pool in the city of Stockholm. News of a 10-year-
An Iraqi refugee raped an old boy at a leisure center in Austria, and sexual harassment of swimming pools in several German towns has heightened concerns.
MS Bernhardson told the 24 Kalmar website that she and other women will conduct swimming patrols at Kalmar11am from three o\'clock P. M. to 11 on Saturday and \"keep your eyes open \".
\"We will keep a low profile,\" she added in an interview with Aftonbladet . \".
\"We are not here to be police officers, but to observe, and we can stand by if anyone wants to speak.
But Susanne Gryfelt, the pool manager, did not welcome the intervention.
She said she did not receive any reports of women and families fearing swimming, adding: \"We do not want individuals to come in and act as lifeguards-it is our job.
Bernhardson insisted that her team, which is \"completely out of politics\", will work with the authorities and attack \"censorship\" and criticism on Facebook.
\"I launched this initiative to do good,\" she added . \".
European police have warned that the rise of civilian groups is linked to attacks on refugees in some areas.
In Cologne, 11 asylum seekers were beaten by a mob after vowing to \"clean up\" on January
The right wing group, which claims to be an ordin soldier, was founded in Finland.
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