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sydney\'s iconic wet \'n\' wild water park is bought out by a spanish theme park operator for $40 million

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-01
Wet \'n Wild Sydney sold for $40 million to a Spanish theme park operator operating 22 water parks around the world.
The Village Roadshow has announced that it has signed an agreement to sell its iconic water park to the world
The famous company Parques Reunidos.
Located in west Sydney, Wet \'n Wild Sydney opened in December 2013 under the same brand as entertainment company\'s theme parks in Las Vegas and Gold Coast.
Scroll down to watch the video park closed in winter with excitement-
Recreation facilities including 360 emergency slides, Aqua Tube and bomgallery slides are sought after.
The sale of the theme park will lead to a pre-
The Village Roadshow said in a statement that tax losses were about $25 million.
Country road speech, the investment provides Reunidos Parques with the opportunity to enter the Australian market and has accumulated rich experience in running 20 water parks around the world.
Net income from the sale will be used to reduce the debt level of rural roadshow Co. , Ltd.
\"Parques will be able to add value and improve Sydney\'s performance in the coming years.
\"Reunidos parques has 60 similar parks around the world, including the film world in Germany and the Splish Splash in New York.
Fernando Eiroa, chief executive, said the acquisition was a unique opportunity to enter the Australian market and develop in the region.
He said that our group\'s global operations include operations and projects in Europe, the United States, Asia, the Middle East and now Australia.
The \"wet\" Wild Sydney, first announced in 2010, includes a large wave pool, which is basically free since its opening.
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