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taiwan probes water park fire as tally of injured put at 498

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-31
TAIPEI (Reuters)-
A fire broke out in a water park in Taiwan on Sunday, injuring 498 revelers and authorities began investigating the cause. Suspicion is a sudden explosion of colored powder thrown at people attending the party.
Six foreigners and seven tourists from Hong Kong, mainland China and Macau were sprayed with powder during Saturday\'s event, and about 1,000 were injured in dancing, as a feature of the festival also held in previous years.
Local Government figures released late Sunday were lower than previously estimated 519 injured as patients were transferred between hospitals and doubled
A government official said it was included.
The fire broke out around 8. 30 p. m.
At the Formosa Mosha Coast water park on the outskirts of the capital Taipei, local government official Lin eh H suspected that it was caused by a colored powder explosion. Yu told Reuters.
\"The cause of the powder explosion is still under investigation,\" he said . \".
Until the investigation is completed and its safety is ensured, the use of this powder has been banned by the authorities.
\"The next few days will be a critical moment for the injured,\" Taiwan\'s prime minister maichi --
Guo told reporters.
According to the latest data from the Taipei Municipal Government, 498 injured are still being treated at 43 hospitals across the island.
Immediately after the explosion, rescuers treated hundreds of people, most of them between the ages of 20 and 30, wearing wet swimsuits and lying on inflatable plastic donuts.
A video posted online by Apple Daily shows that a moment before the fireball burst, dancers in front of the stage were swallowed up by colored powder regiments, followed by several pockets of flames, triggering panic and screaming.
\"There is blood there and people are on fire,\" said an injured man . \".
Media reports and pictures show that there are no reports of death yet, but the victim\'s limbs and torso are burned, some are in excessive pain, while others have their skin burned.
\"Her life was ruined,\" cried Julie\'s father, 18. year-
During President Ma Ying\'s visit, a little girl with 80% burns in her body --
Victims of a hospital in Taipei
Soldiers, military vehicles and medical services are also involved in the rescue work, while hospitals in four municipal areas and Taipei are also providing treatment for patients.
The company said on its website on Sunday that the amusement park had been temporarily closed.
The temperature in Taipei has exceeded 30 degrees Celsius.
86 degrees Fahrenheit)
In recent weeks
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