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taiwan water park blast leaves hundreds injured

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-03
On Saturday, hundreds of people were injured in a water park in Taiwan. at an event, a group of colored powder was ignited in the crowd and exploded into a huge fireball.
No deaths were reported, but at least 516 were injured and 194 were seriously injured, eight of whom were in danger of life.
Taiwan\'s state-run Central News Agency reported casualties.
According to a roster published on the news agency\'s website, the injured, many burned people, the vast majority of them are young people in their 20 s or younger.
The video taken on the spot shows that at about 8: 30, in the event called \"Asian color Drama\", a flame broke out in the crowd. m.
After the evening.
People were shown to carry the wounded from the scene with inflatable rafts, others were shown to run away and lined with flames.
The agency said the fire was soon under control but was not there until hundreds of people were injured.
Taiwan\'s Ministry of Health and Welfare said on its website that Taipei-
There are many patients in the local hospital who need skin grafting.
The Health Ministry says hospitals are also urgently applying for other medical supplies needed to treat burns.
According to the agency, the victims are mainly from Taiwan, with only four people in mainland China and two citizens in other countries.
The agency quoted Wang Zhe as saying that they were receiving treatment at 38 hospitals in the Taipei area.
Cao Guowei, spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Welfare, said. One 18-year-
An unnamed old woman was burned on 90% of her body, according to news agencies.
Taiwan Prime Minister Mao Chi:
Guo told reporters on Sunday that public activities using airborne colored paint powder will be banned and the government will set up a team to deal with the treatment and rehabilitation of the injured.
Asian color magazine claims to be the biggest color party in Asia, where people spray each other with colored powder while dancing with music.
The campaign\'s promotional video on the Facebook page shows employees spraying colored powder onto the crowd on stage.
\"I would like you to give a reasonable explanation to all families who have been hurt by this,\" one commenter wrote on the website page . \".
According to the Central News Agency, park officials in charge of the incident, Lu Zhongji, 41, and two other employees have been taken to a nearby police station for questioning.
The agency said the police may sue several employees for negligence and endangering the public.
The cause of the explosion is still under investigation.
According to a Post posted by the company on its Facebook account, the powder used by Color Play Asia is made of corn starch and edible pigments.
The post added that its products meet the standards set by SGS, which is Geneva-
Company based on testing, inspection and verification.
Over the weekend, no one at the company commented on whether the product of Color Play Asia was certified by SGS and whether the process also included the flammable test.
No one at the company immediately responded to an email inquiry sent out on Sunday.
Formosa Mosha Coast water park is located northwest of Taipei, Taiwan\'s capital.
On Sunday, a photo was displayed on the park\'s Facebook page showing a man holding his hands together as if he were praying.
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