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teaching playground safety to kids

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-19
Children\'s toys can occupy children\'s attention for a certain period of time, but there is no amount of children\'s toys in the world that can prevent them from having fun on the playground.
Just give the kids fresh air and exercise and they should have time to play outdoors.
Going to the playground also gives them the opportunity to develop their social skills.
However, the playground is not the safest place to leave children unattended.
In order to ensure that children\'s behavior around playground equipment does not harm them or other children, adult supervision is required.
Adults must also ensure that the playground itself is safe.
Parents and guardians are also responsible for teaching children how to stay safe while playing.
The general rules that children must learn about playground safety are: 1.
Don\'t stress to the kids, especially for young boys, the danger of pushing people and getting rough on jungle gyms, slides, seesaws, swings and other devices.
When they do, tell them the possible results.
Either they are physically hurt or they will hurt their playmates. 2.
Before letting them play, it is important to use the equipment correctly and teach them the right way to use the playground equipment.
Children are most likely to use playground equipment according to their own imagination.
Therefore, they must be taught that when playing with the slide, they must slide with their feet first and should not climb outside the guardrail.
They should also be reminded not to stand on the swing and not to put their hands near the moving parts. 3.
It is futile practice to remind children not to jump while playing.
When teaching them to jump, they should first check that no other child is blocking their way and that they should have their feet on the ground and their knees bent a little. 4.
Put your stuff in a proper place and teach them to pay attention to all possible tripping hazards such as roots and rocks.
It is important to make them realize why it is important to put bags, backpacks, bikes and other children\'s toys away from where they play. 5.
Do not play when the equipment is wet, or should teach the hot child the danger of using the wet playground equipment.
Parents must point out that moisture can cause a slippery surface and can cause accidents.
In the summer, children must also be reminded not to play on hot equipment, especially those made of metal. 6.
Let the children\'s toys lag behind the children, especially the young ones, and be sure not to carry the children\'s toys when playing, so that they can properly grasp the equipment on the playground. 7.
Don\'t wear any clothes with ropes, highlight to the children the danger of wearing clothes with ropes on the playground.
The little girls must be made aware that the straps of their handbags or necklaces will be stuck with the equipment and accidentally strangled them. 8.
Select the game structure. Children must understand the danger of playing on structures that are too big or too small for them.
If the device is not designed for their age group, it may not be safe to play. 9.
Children can apply sunscreen to prevent sunburn.
Adults can supervise their children to play, but their greater responsibility is to teach them how to act responsibly on the playground.
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