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teen dies trying to ride a sled down a frozen water slide

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-18
The teenage child died while trying to ride a sledge on a frozen water slide. The boy fell to death when his sledge hit the snow that gathered on the frozen water slide.
Picture: YouTubeSource: YouTubeA teenage boy died after falling off a frozen water slide at the Olympus landscape park in the United States.
Police say three of his brothers and friends, Addison Williams, climbed the fence, entered a restricted area and climbed one of the waterslides. Sixteen-year-
Old Williams used a plastic snow tray to slide down the slide, but got stuck with the snow halfway through it.
When he tried to release himself, he fell 11 metres on another slide.
The outdoor water park in Wisconsin is closed this season.
Addison Williams
Picture: FacebookSource: Daniel Hardman, head of police at FacebookLake Delton, said the other two boys were aware of the danger of going down a partially frozen slide and warned Williams not to do so.
But he tried it.
The rescuers were dispatched around 10: 20 p. m. on Wednesday to try to rescue the teenager, but he was declared dead at the scene, haidman said.
The Williams family lives at the resort and comes from Florida.
They went there to see the snow for the first time.
The forensic office of Sauk County is assisting in the investigation.
The water park is closed in winter.
Image: FacebookSource: The theme park expresses sympathy to the family, but says that\'s why they have a padlock fence around the park --
Because winter is not safe.
The cousin of a teenager has set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for the funeral expenses and expenses of the teenager returning to Florida. —
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