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teenage boy dead after falling from wisconsin water slide

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-18
Lake Delton in Wis—
A teenage boy died after falling on a large outdoor water slide in Wisconsin, which is not open to the public.
Lake Delton Police said the boy entered Mt with two other teenagers.
On Wednesday night, WDJTreported, a CBS Milwaukee branch, reported on Olympus water theme park.
The area was closed this season, surrounded by fences and padlocks.
The three then climbed onto one of the water slides to try to ride the slides on the accumulated snow.
According to WDJT, the unnamed teenager slipped down the slide and fell 35 feet.
The Sok County coroner\'s office plans an autopsy.
Popular news debate focuses on the death of missing students, \"mastermind\" of the Missouri abortion clinic shooting arrest AP reportyear-
The old man and his family came from Florida and when the accident happened, he went out skiing with his brother and a friend.
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