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tenerife offers world-class leisure parks

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-02
When it comes to family attractions full of fun, activities and even some educational content, Tenerife\'s leisure park is hard to beat;
The island now has a Thai theme water park!
From dolphin shows and calm river cruises to the plunging waterslide, there are plenty of varieties for all families.
Even better, there is a guaranteed summer sun in the park.
Siam Water Park brings Thai flavor to Tenerife. The two largest water parks on the island-water park and Siam Park-are located in the south of the island, and both are easy to island due to the large size (
Only 90 km from north to south)
Good road infrastructure as well as free shuttle to all major southern coastal resorts.
A well in Aquila
The well-known European brand Costa owns a park in Costa Adeje\'s popular South Tenerife resort.
The park claims to be home to the world\'s best dolphin shows and is connected to the Sea World in the United States.
For bold people, the super-fast waterslide and rapids of the waterpark include bottles-
Test rides like tornadoes, winds and parks
The hat flies.
More gentle options include the Congo River 500-
Relax on an inflatable tire cruise and a children\'s mini park with a shallow lagoon, a pirate sailing boat and a castle.
Another water option on South Tenerife Island is Siam Park, which opened to the public on September 2008 with the latest water activities
Riding technology and magic. This Thai-
The theme park is located in a tropical oasis, named after rides such as dragons, Mekong rapids and jungle snakes.
The park also features a white beach where you can relax and exercise on the beach.
There is a surf school at the scene and classes are held in the huge wave pool.
The Lost City, which serves young children, is designed with safety in mind and comes with water guns, fountains, waterfalls, bridges, nets and mini slides, as well as a variety of toddler swimming pools.
Like all parks, free shuttle buses can reach nearby resorts;
Los Cristianos, Las Americas, San Eugenio, Torviscas and Adeje are all on the free bus route to Siam Park and water park.
Tickets to most parks can be purchased online in advance, with many bundles or packages that can reduce the entrance fee and multiple park tickets.
Please note that there are indeed high restrictions on some water park rides.
In order to get more investment in education, try some theme parks on the island;
In the south of the island, you will find akagiras jungle park often included in a convenient ticket package with Aquilan.
Featuring monkeys, cats and birds of prey, this zoo is not only a leisure park, but also has many activities and fun. In addition, there is a team of educators designed to inspire child protection issues.
Located near the port of Cruz, the park is also rated as one of the popular attractions in Canary Islands due to its size and size.
It is characterized by the World
Top-notch ocean shows including breathtaking acrobatics and ultra-modern walks of dolphins and killer whales-under-the-
Sea-style aquarium
We certainly recommend that you book your villa vacation in Tenerife, as there is nothing better than going back to your own private space and having a cool beer or cocktail in the pool.
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