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‘terrifying’ inflatable slide pictured next to edge of brighton pier – days after eight kids were hurt in woking incident

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-02
A safety expert claims that the huge inflatable slide on the edge of Brighton Pier is only two metres from the sea, which is \"terrible \".
His warning came after a caring father took two of his men to the seaside town to take the slides. year-old daughter -
On the same weekend, eight children fell off the 30ft inflatable slide during the Woking fireworks and were rushed to the hospital.
However, the person in charge of the inflatable slide insists that it does not pose any risk and has been carefully checked to ensure it is safe.
After eight children were taken to the main trauma center, they fell off the inflatable slide shortly before Saturday\'s fireworks show began.
Police evacuated 12,000 people from the amusement park in warkin, Surrey, allowing an overhead rescue helicopter to land and treat the injured.
When asked about the inflatable slide at Brighton Pier, health and safety expert Alan Wilson told The Sun: \"I won\'t support it.
I\'m really worried.
\"It\'s only two metres from the sea. it\'s terrible.
\"Due to the noisy nature of the user, any installation close to the water is always dangerous.
However, Anne axed, chief executive of Brighton Pier, denied any claims that the slide was unsafe.
\"Our journey is tested every day and will also receive annual security certificates provided by recognized third parties,\" she said.
\"It has a height limit, so there is only a height limit for smaller children, and unlike Woking, the number allowed is strictly limited.
\"It has walls along each side of the 2 m, above the height limit, and there is a little child on it that can\'t jump.
\"Ms. Ackord added that due to the lack of safety precautions, there had never been any safety incidents at the pier for children\'s rides.
When Chris, 34, took her daughter to Brighton on Sunday, he began worrying about the slide in London. The dad-of-
In an interview with The Sun, a netizen said: \"I walked along the front of the dock yesterday and saw a huge inflatable device parked on the edge of the dock in danger.
\"It looks very cunning where it is, even though it\'s all tied together.
\"It\'s absolutely ridiculous to put a bouncy trampoline on the side of the dock with the kids.
\"If you have a child bouncing on it, or pushing each other, they may be ejected into the sea.
\"It looks like a disaster waiting to happen.
However, Chris Walter, duty manager at Brighton Pier, also re-established
Reiterated that the slides do not pose a security risk.
He told The Sun Online: \"This is not true [
Hints are dangerous. .
\"The sea is two metres from the slide, the Wall is two metres high, and then there is a two metre high railing behind the slide and the sea, so it is impossible to happen (
Children falling into the sea).
\"This is a more substantial building than you can see in Woking.
\"This is a sturdy kit attached to the steel structure of the pier.
This is a very solid slide.
\"There is no danger at all, and we assess all of those similar situations and there is no danger.
\"On Saturday night, eight children were injured after falling off Woking\'s inflatable slide and sent to the main trauma center.
The 12-year-old daughter Nadine broke her pelvis and Donia Echouafni said: \"I don\'t want to see this happen again to anyone and no one wants to see their child in or out of the blue
When asked if the temporary playground rides needed to be regulated, the Echouafni MS replied, \"100%.
She also called on the police to do a \"due diligence\" and conduct a full investigation warning that \"no more can happen \".
The health and safety supervisor is investigating the cause of the incident (HSE)
With the assistance of the Woking District Council
The Woking regional Rotary Club, which helped organize the event, said it was \"shocked and distressed\" by the collapse and would meet to \"agree on the next step \".
The Prime Minister has faced demands that after two girls die in separate incidents involving inflatable devices, the use of inflatable castles in public places will be temporarily prohibited. In July Ava-
May little boy, three years old, died in hospital after being thrown on an inflatable trampoline at Gorleston Beachon-Sea, Norfolk.
After seven people died. year-
On March 2016, at the Easter fair in Harlow, Essex, old Summer Grant was blown up at an inflatable castle.
Harlow\'s Conservative MP, former Minister of State for Education Robert Haverton, said: \"I urge the government again, before all the regulations we know are updated, they should temporarily ban inflatable and inflatable castles in public places.
\"Since 2011, 20 of us have been injured and two have died.
The time to see it is over.
\"Until we are sure that these things are safe and there is no further concern from parents, the government may temporarily ban them.
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