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texas regulators to decide if six flags roller coaster reopens after deadly accident.

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-02
Signature: Hemenway, Chad.
Com The Texas roller coaster where a woman died last Monday will not reopen until the Texas State Insurance Department once again puts a compliance label on the roller coaster.
TDI is the national administrator of the amusement facilities safety inspection and insurance law.
The owner or operator of each Amusement Park must have a personal injury insurance of at least $1 million (per occurrence)
TDI spokesman Jerry Hagins said the car must be inspected by a qualified engineer.
Satisfaction with these requirements resulted in the vehicle obtaining a label similar to the car inspection label and indicating the date of the next scheduled inspection.
\"The journey will be closed before it starts again
\"After inspection by an engineer hired by the insurance company, it is proven safe to launch it again,\" Hagins said . \".
The manufacturer also sent investigators, he added.
The investigation into the death of a Dallas woman continues, the woman was killed on the 19 th in the Texas Giant roller coaster in Six Flags, Texas, Arlington.
Hagins said the six flags were in full compliance with national requirements.
\"Every year, every ride is checked . \"
TDI holds records of insurance policies, inspection certificates, injury reports and quarterly government action reports for the owner and/or operator of the ride.
In addition to theme park rides, carnival rides and water park rides, TDI and go-karts,rock-
Climb the wall, bungee jump, zipper, mechanical bull and inflatable toy.
Local, county or state officials may carry out inspections without notice and require copies of insurance, inspection certificates and daily self-inspections
Check the logs according to TDI website.
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