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that wall at the y is definitely something to try.

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-07
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Hanbynan bridge-
For more than ten years, the indoor climbing wall is in three
The South Bridge Community YMCA has been the culmination of life for many local fitness and mountaineering enthusiasts.
About a decade ago, through the hard work and dedication of Sarah Hardy, a board member of the YMCA, the climbing wall climbed up in Y\'s gym.
Ms. glenjuno, deputy executive director, said.
Through community fundraising efforts, Hardy raised enough money from local businesses to install the climbing wall.
The art department of Nanqiao High School also contributed to the art decoration of the wall. Now the 24-
Foot Wall is an interesting way for kids to exercise their bodies, help local Scout units for boys and girls win their fitnesspat and give the area rock climbers a place to stay in shape during the winter months
Parents can even get their kids to sign up for a rock partyclimbing theme.
\"It\'s really cool,\" said Mr. Juchno said.
\"They spent an hour climbing the wall and then an hour in the party room. . . .
The children like it very much.
\"It reminds us of the fun and fitness of climbing the wall.
Juchno, one of the first to climb up, said he might climb up again soon --
He has been in the South Bridge facility since the wall was installed and has not climbed up since then.
The Birthday Party is held on the weekend and needs to be pre-arranged with the staff of the YMCA.
Date requested;
The starting price is $145.
If you don\'t have a party in your future, but you still want to bump the ceiling in the gym of the YMCA, or see how high you cancel, Tuesday and Friday nights are open climbing nightsFrom 7 to 9p. m.
We encourage members of the YMCA to climb the wall under the supervision of trained volunteers. (Not a member?
Although most peopleYMCA Community
Hotels serving Southbridge, Sturridge and Charlton-
As a member, the family can purchase the pass for $15, which will allow them to use all the facilities of Y on the same day. )
On the most recent Tuesday night, the open climbing of the Great Wall brought several people to new heights.
Children of all ages and a few adults are waiting for their turn, while the impact of basketball echoes in the gym.
Not only did one climb to the top of the wall, but he also performed various acrobatics, which made the children below happy.
Keith Haake, a 25-year-old National Guard from South Bridge, has trained for three to four years on indoor rock climbing walls.
In order to participate in military activities, he worked hard to obtain a certificate of general education
Haake also dreams of becoming a local fireman who believes his constant workout on the wall of the YMCA will come in handy.
On the floor, Sany Catholic College PE teacher and staff member of the YMCA Maura Power is a 13-year-old new climber lanyardyear-
Old Gonzalez of South Bridge.
Climbing commands and status reports are easily delivered-
\"Ready to climb\", \"in Belai\", \"climb\", \"climb \".
\"It is very important to protect communication between people and climbers.
Although she and her family are regulars for Y, this is only the second time a young climber has come to the Great Wall.
She said that in the course of her first climb, she was at all afraid of climbing the wall, but through the encouragement of her brothers, she climbed up halfway.
\"You won\'t fall down,\" one of her brothers promised . \".
Not only did she not fall, but she came back the following week and tried again to see if she could climb higher.
This time, Kritz\'s goal is a higher per foot than the high point she had previously climbed.
This firm teenager not only
Fearless, driven
She achieved the goal she set for herself and she succeeded.
She is no longer afraid, nor happy for the joy of success.
The strength of other climbers.
\"I just like it,\" she said . \"\"It\'s fun.
\"If your child has let you climb the wall, you\'re not sure you want to climb the wall for fun, and the YMCA offers construction classes on Tuesday night before the start of the open wall.
From6: 30 to 7: 15 pm. m.
Trained staff and volunteers
Climb the wall to guide the weekly cycle.
The coaches are trained by external agencies, who are \"outdoor rock climbing types that love outdoor sports and transfer this passion to the indoor \". Juchnosaid.
\"There are some knots,\" he explained . \"
\"They teach them the technique of hiccups. . .
So they can not only climb the wall, but also learn to protect the people on the wall, as well as the security aspects.
\"Different routes can also be marked on the wall, and the handrails and foothold can be moved, which can create easier or more difficult climbing based on limber\'s experience or desired challenges.
\"It\'s a good exercise,\" said entertainment director Sue Kassin . \".
People of all ages are welcome to climb the wall, and on any open climate night, one may find six to 30 members of the 8-to 80-year-old YMCA climbing the wall.
Ms, December.
Power Girl POWER group, from the three Catholic colleges, brought mothers and grandmothers who all climbed the wall at their own level of competence.
\"It\'s just a pleasure,\" she said . \"
Power, he has also been working on the wall since the wall began. \"It\'s nice. It\'s open gym. . . .
I am alone.
\"Families outside the South Bridge area also come to climb the wall. As her 10-year-
Brother Elijah climbed down the wall. year-
Old Jacqueline Dufour from Woodstock explained: \"It\'s fun to climb the mountain, and I like to climb the mountain. . . . I\'m amonkey!
What: where is the indoor climbing wall: three
Community of YMCA, 43 Everett Street, Southbridge.
This branch of Y serves South Bridge, Sturridge and Charlton, from 7 to 9. m.
Tuesday and Friday (
Friday night is family night)
How much: need to join the YMCA or buy a pass for the day for $15508)765-
5464 art: Photo: Rich DUGAS cutting line :(1)
South Bridge\'s 7-year-old Carla rodgez looked at her before she got onto another projection on the international highway --
As she climbed the huge cliff, the Community YMCA was held at the South Bridge. (2)Five-year-
Old josaric in Eastford, Connecticut.
, Got a push from his mother LeighAnn because he was in the thirdCommunity YMCA. (3)
When Kevin Brodi of Woodstock was a few inches higher than they were, Y staff, Mora ball, was ready to tether 13-year-
Old Kriza Gonzalez of South Bridge.
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