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the 10 best water parks in america

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-15
The summer is in full swing.
But instead of starting the air conditioner, a great way to cool and relax is to go straight to the water park. With heart-
Exciting racing car-
The Seekers, the calm pool of the children, and the entertainment, are a day for the whole family to enjoy.
So Yahoo swam through all the water parks and found the best --
Those who ride the fastest, the highest water slides, the highest --
Top children\'s roller coaster
Friendly, even imitation of tropical island vacationers.
This is the top park that caused a stir this summer.
It\'s not a free water country! This park —
The largest in Virginia-
Considered the cleanest and best maintained in the country, and known for its children
Friendly rides like H20 UFO and Kritter Korral.
But there\'s a lot for adults.
Children: The first huge curly hair in the country
Ever, at the end of last summer, the ride that combined the funnel slide with the wave raft was added and immediately hit. (
The rider rides a raft through 24-
The foot funnel then flies into 40-foot waves. )
Another raft trip-a water trip that takes riders into a closed dark tunnel and drops them 850 feet and soak them in an invisible waterfall.
But it\'s the vanishing point, the slide from 75 minutesfoot-
This is a serious surge in adrenaline.
Upon entering skybox, guests will drop as the floor slides down 300 at an amazing speed.
This hotel is conveniently located near Busch Gardens and is definitely worth a visit.
$44 per day (9 and younger)and $51 (10 and older).
Adjacent to the theme park is the water park, which is based on Dolly Parton\'s childhood experience of swimming in the rivers of the Great Smoky Mountains, so many rides mimic the real --
Experience with water.
Among them are big bear diving, whitewater rafting slides that simulate real river adventures and fire towel falls, free steep double slides for brave guests
Down 70 feet.
The latest addition of RiverRush is the first and only water roller coaster in Tennessee.
Set the 4 feet to air, it will pass through the dark tunnel and the dark tunnel, through the tree line with a hairpin.
The day pass is $47 (adults)and $42 (children).
This water park is one of the largest water parks in the United States. S.
There are more than 49 different attractions on 64 acres.
The star attraction is a mile high flyer, fast speed
Water roller coaster.
But the storm is also a nail-biting person: the raft travels through a dark tube, recreates the storm with huge thunder, lightning and rain, magnified the person seeking stimulation.
There are plenty of exhausting waves, slides and flowers in the Park --
Down rides throughout the family.
Ticket price is $39 (adults)and $33 (children).
There are some of the best beaches in the backyard, these 29-
The acre water park must be very impressive in order to attract people far from the ocean. And it does! Among the bar-
Improve the attractions is 400,000
A gallon of the Hawaiian surf pool and surf the \'flowridersimulator.
But the lush tropical landscape and natural cliffs make the park more enjoyable, a unique island experience.
$48 a day (adult)and $38 (
Children and the elderly).
The largest water park in the United StatesS.
It includes 51 slides, two wave pools and a surf simulator called Surf wild zoo, which includes some of the most exciting and a wide range of water rides.
But it\'s really known for extreme rides like the scorpion\'s tail, the almost vertical slide that falls into the inclined loop, and the black water cup mat, it zoomed in on the dazzling track at speeds of up to 30 miles and hours.
$33 per day (adults)and $29 (
For the elderly and children).
Come to the world\'s tallest water slide Verruckt, which lets four passengers plummet on 15-story rafts at speeds of up to 70 miles an hour.
The journey has become so popular that visitors who want to ride must book at the beginning of the day.
If that bad boy is too scary for you, Torrent Beach, the world\'s largest tidal river, is cold and fun for the whole family.
But the coolest part of the park is its transport entertainment River system, which allows guests to reach the other end from one end of the park without leaving boiling water.
The day pass will run you $43 (adults)and $33 (
Elderly and children).
SeaWorld\'s watercraft is one of the top
Three most popular water parks in the United StatesS.
What tourists like most is the separated waterfall of Ihu.
According to the park, it is the highest, the steepest, and the only
Falling tower slide in Orlando(
Florida is the second most visited state. )
But what really makes this park unique is its animals.
Interactive rides such as dolphins plummeted.
Tourists glide underwater along the side of the dolphin through a closed tube.
$47 per person per day.
If you drop the trap door, go through zero gravity, 10-
The story attracts your adrenaline fans in autumn
Then head straight to the water park.
In addition to the above diving bombers, everyone in the family can take the subway, raft, rapids, slides and lagoons.
Reward: Six Flags Cottage, where visitors can relax and enjoy the sun.
$42 tickets (adults)and $37 (
Children under 48inches tall).
Part of the Holiday World theme park-
The $22 million Thunderbird rollercoaster Splash Safari water park is home to two of the world\'s largest high-tech water parks, the Mammoth elephant and the cowling. (
They are also the best in the country. )
For those of you who may be too small or timid for these bad boys, there are also some peaceful adventures including the Bahari Wave Pool, The Hyena Falls and the Monsoon Lagoon.
$45 tickets (adults)and $35 (children)
But can be discounted online or 3 p. m. at the gate.
California is the largest amusement park in the United States and the largest water park in California.
Located on 50 acres, it has more than 36 water slides and attractions.
One of the most impressive Hearts
The contestant is the Bermuda Triangle.
One of the fastest water slides in America. S.
50 miles per hour.
It has three different classes that fly the driver at an extremely fast pace.
Another popular way is the \"dark hole\", a water slide that allows visitors to travel through the dark, humid maze.
$42 per person. More information from Yahoo!
Travel around the United States to the latest hipster communityS.
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