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the art of the car deal: inside secrets from a veteran salesman

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-08
By the time you walk into a car dealership, you already have a head.
You will be buying a big thing and you will be driving for a long time.
You may be a little worried about being taken for a ride.
You arm yourself by a firm determination to brand and model, the price you are willing to pay and not accept the first offer.
But what happened to the head of the handshake salesperson?
When we study our cbc I-
The cost story of the fleet car dealership, a senior salesperson introduced the skills of the deal. Surprise!
Despite the new law, the car buyer still requires an additional fee of 100, and the customer should request a refund of the additional fee, said the auto dealers association, we agree to protect his identity, because he continues to work in the industry --
He said the industry has changed a lot in the past few decades.
But the art of sales
This is almost the same.
For example, when you face sales, the stages of sales begin --to-
Face to Face with sales representative. 1.
The 6 stages of SaleFirst are \"meet and greet\" where people can make a first impression.
Friendly Introduction, warm handshake and helpful invitation.
Next is the \"interview\" where the salesperson sits down and understands that you are a customer: the car you want, your job route, your income and what you are willing to pay.
Then there is \"select\" and the salesperson is trying to match the customer with the correct vehicle.
When they walk
For example, you can get to the tire.
You tell them about the tire, the quality of the tire . \"
Then the sales rep asked the customer to think about how expensive it might be if the tires were broken
Rehearsal script
\"It can be very expensive for you, because the average tire price now can be $150, $200.
Now, let\'s deal with this.
We have a project;
We will deal with it.
The next step is to test drive.
\"In winter, the sales staff have the opportunity to shine by showing a little cold and cold weather
Preheat the vehicle for the customer.
Polite behavior helps brokers trust.
And finally, \"close \"-that final sit-
Before you, the customer signed on the dotted line with the sales staff.
According to the salesperson, a winning strategy is: do not discuss the price until you reach this part of the sale, and have a proposal in front of you. 2.
Let the customer stay for a while the longer you stay at the dealer, the greater your commitment to the transaction.
The sales staff will use a lot of tips for you to stay and browse through their fine brochures.
Some people will get you coffee and secretly heat it up in a microwave oven, the salesman said, so the coffee will be served extra --
Hot, it takes longer for you to drink it. 3.
Office space for home photography: Please pay attention to how the sales staff decorate the compartment.
Are there family photos and small league team photos all pointing in your direction?
The senior salesperson told us that this is all part of the humanization of the sales staff.
Both the volunteer work permit and the charity rewards make you more like the sales person and make it more likely to buy from him or her. 4.
Competition for highly competitive customers, if you are looking for some kind of brand and model, some salespeople will use some pressure technology in some form of competition.
You may be told that someone else is looking at the car or is planning a test drive later in the day.
The experienced salesperson said that the salesperson will give you the name of the person.
Is it true that Valerie Smith wants to see that Corolla at 3 p? m.
Or is it a strategy to make you commit?
You may never know, but it works. 5.
The salesman said before you drop $, please think carefully and don\'t throw away the deposit or partial payment until you are sure you want to complete the transaction.
Once you spend your money on the car, the dealer has more control over the negotiation.
The greater the deposit, the greater the control.
If you see a better deal with the same car elsewhere the next day, the deposit may be difficult to recover, he added.
Do your research before you go to the dealer.
When you are negotiating at the dealership, look at the manufacturer\'s website and refer to it.
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