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the art of the temporary obstacle course

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-17
On a cool Thursday in July, nine teenagers and young people from concrete hunting came to their iconic lime green T-
Shirts, colored tools that drag their trade: red metal bars, bright hula hoops, colorful cones, Green little balance beams and rainbow of plastic circles.
They threw them all over the black asphalt on East 104 Street and started the construction.
A few minutes later, they created a small obstacle on a closed road --
On the street next to the weekly farmer\'s market in East Harlem, as a child --
Asian, Latin American and black girls and boys of all agesarrived.
Some people spend their time there while their mother buys apples, berries and vegetables there.
Others floated through George Washington\'s house.
David McCollin, 16, is an intern at the Outdoor Leadership Academy for concrete hunting, who is 9-year-old Diaby.
David walked quickly on the beam, skipped the hurdles, rotated with a hula hoop, and finally jumped along the circle to the finish line.
Diaby looks intently and then prepares 14-with David-year-
Daniel, brother.
\"Ready, package . . . . . . Cheese Burger!
Said Daniel loudly.
Diaby laughed, but managed to control his way.
Then he fired and Daniel played with him and gave him the lead that Diaby didn\'t need. “Uh-oh! ” David yelled. “He’s quick!
The other 16-year-old Norris Kellyyear-
The old intern gave Diaby a high
He walked five easily on the finish line.
These games are important not only for the children nearby.
Like David and Daniel and their fellow interns, Norris is paid $11 an hour to manage the course and play as part of the JungleGym 2017 summer series, along with the weekend walking program of the Department of Transport.
Have children like Diaby come to their summer jobs.
When they don\'t organize the competition, interns plan to ride a bike, work in the garden of the two communities, and help after class
Training in public speaking and leadership
Nine years ago, a former personal trainer, Mac Levine, started all parts of a non-profit organization \"concrete hunting\" to encourage better fitness and eating habits in the community and help prevent diabetes.
Fifth East Harlem district
Obesity rates are highest in the city.
In order to help with vocational skills training, teenagers also hold birthday parties, outdoor business guidance activities and school field trips. Ms.
Levin handles administrative affairs in an office near 115 Street, Health Operations Center, East Harlem district, while interns host performances on the street every day.
\"I like it,\" said Noreese . \".
\"This is productive.
This is a way to communicate with people.
A positive way.
Every little thing you do can succeed.
When each child completes the course, Noreese and his colleagues distribute cards to their parents to promote the upcoming obstacle race on Saturday on 116 Street and Third Avenue, which includes D. J.
Draw faces and three resilient houses.
The competition will take place on August.
26. give 800 schoolbags, each filled with school supplies.
Around the middle of their shift, 31-year-old intern supervisor Christopher Hartsfield showed up on site to see how it was.
His official title is the outdoor game coordinator, and to motivate them he gave them a target number for the day of the obstacle course.
\"You need 40 kids today,\" he said . \"
\"Start counting now.
I want photos. ”“Forty? Cried David.
It seems to be in response to their prayers that a large group of preschool children from Metro North preschool center showed up and looked shy and a little confused about the colorful classes.
There are three groups of 10 people.
The interns will complete their quota.
Not so fun every day for interns
It\'s hot.
The tent must be assembled and then broken down.
Pulling more than 20 car tires during the weekend course, filling empty sandbags with dirt in wet summer is also part of the work.
However, one day, 30 preschool children appeared and needed obstacles --Course guidance.
The children were too young, and David walked through the lessons with half of them until they finally mastered them.
A little girl named page was very excited because her friend Olivia took the class and she released a series of climaxesA harsh voice
The interns cheered with the teachers and applauded and encouraged. “Clap it up! ” David yelled.
\"Applaud her!
Paige is her turn and she keeps smiling when she jumps, squirts and jumps.
\"Hula Hoop!
Shouted one of her teachers.
\"I want to do it again! Cried page. So she did. Again. And again.
\"Great,\" said Travis Godfrey, 21. year-
When the children drift along the street and jump on the sidewalk, the old interns are much happier than when they arrive.
\"They showed us some love.
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