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The backyard water park

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-15
The kidney-
The shape of the swimming pool trimmed with tiles is equivalent to an orange carpet
The pursuit of the past is now unfortunately outdated.
Today, the stylish pool is a smooth rectangle or lagoon with boulders and waterfalls.
Many people have \"green features\" such as mineral purification and solar covering \".
Don Gwiz, president of ferfax county, said others were replaced by lush landscapes, outdoor kitchens, and even green plants
\"You might think, \'Oh, there\'s a pool.
\"It\'s more about buildings and plans,\" said Gwiz, who focuses on high-rise buildings. end pools.
Considering that the price of a standard model can be as high as $150,000, the pool is as practical as a sports car.
Nevertheless, experts say it is important to remain pragmatic in such luxury goods.
When considering the pool, the homeowner should ask himself: How much does the installation cost and how long does it take?
What does the licensing process look like in my community?
How much time and money does maintenance take?
\"For a typical family and retired couple who just want their children to get wet, it might make a difference,\" says Chuck Browning, head of construction at the German city --
Based on the Browning pool.
The homeowner\'s priorities will determine what kind of material and layout to use, he said.
A large, shallow area.
Sometimes called \"sun shelf\" or \"children\'s area\" depending on the customer\"
Browning said it appeared in many swimming pools.
Wading area (
It can be 18 inch or 3 feet.
Even a choice of vinyllined pools.
The rectangular pool is still a classic option, he said.
In addition to providing a timeless look, automatic covers can be installed, thus reducing maintenance requirements.
The sun cover also helps to heat up the pool, Browning said. The free-
Form pool is one of the most popular choices, especially at the high end.
\"It looks like it should be there,\" said Don nismis, landscape architect and president of Gainesville --
Design based on land and water.
Boulders, mountain stone paths and waterfalls can create an organic look.
The cobblestone texture of various colors can be applied on the bottom and sides of the pool, adding to the illusion of nature.
Ron and Lynne Bergman chose the free one.
When they install a pool in Potomac\'s backyard, you\'ll find out.
\"We want it to feel like a resort,\" said Lynne Bergman . \".
\"No matter where you stand, the scenery is beautiful.
\"Except for their freedom --
The couple had a green pool, an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit and a cottage.
Regardless of the shape, about 75% of the pool installed in the Browning pool has some water feature.
The waterfall is the most popular, says Browning.
There are two types: one is to stir and foam the water when it drops, and the other is to send water in from pure drops on the \"sheets.
There are also fountain jets, arcs, and various other waterfalls, many of which are highlighted by LED lighting.
\"I think a lot of people like [
Features of water
Because they can drown in neighboring sounds like traffic . \"
\"They are also the focus of landscape design.
\"Landscaping is an important part of any pool project.
Is no longer optional; it’s required.
Municipal officials check the pool landscape to determine if it absorbs enough rain to compensate for the surface that does not penetrate.
For example, they may need a rain garden, says Nesmith.
\"It\'s all about Chesapeake Bay,\" he said . \"
The rules and the time required to obtain a license vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.
In Montgomery County, for example, the licensing process takes about two weeks, where construction, sediment control and public rights --of-
Permission is required.
But it could take more than five months in ferfax.
Obtaining a building permit requires grading and protection plans, which must be obtained prior to the issuance of electrical and other permits.
Depending on the type of soil in the backyard, some swimming pools must be designed by the engineer and inspected by the county
Approved professional license.
At the same time, it is possible to obtain an entry permit in Huade County
Residential pool on the ground for a day.
According to the pool construction company, all local governments in the Washington area need fences.
Anyone considering the pool should calculate the maintenance cost.
For many people, robot cleaners help keep the pool debrisfree.
The unit is connected to a garden hose or other water source and operates along the surface of the pool to collect leaves, bugs and dirt.
Part of the reason it\'s popular is that if it stops working, Browning says, \"You go to the store and spend hundreds of dollars to buy another one.
You opened again the same day.
Another choice
Popular in places like Arizonais an in-
Floor cleaning system.
Small jets were installed on the floor of the pool.
They popped up and pushed the water to the collection point where the dirt and dirt were sucked away.
As these systems involve underground plumbing and the winter in Washington gets cold, Browning advises the professional team to close the pool with an indoor pool
Ground cleaning at the end of the swimming season so that the underground pipes do not freeze and break.
Bergman, who grew up in the pool, said he remembered the days of chlorine, brushing his teeth, skimming and vacuuming before.
\"It\'s a long way,\" she said . \".
Almost all customers at land and water Design want a saltwater pool.
Although some chlorine is still used to kill bacteria, they are more friendly to the environment and rely more on salt water than chlorine, he said.
\"They are softer to the skin,\" Nesmith said of the salt water pool . \".
\"People don\'t like the taste of chlorine.
\"Europeans are using more ozone generators and mineral purification systems to help clean up the pool, but Americans are catching up,\" said Browning.
Despite the higher cost of these systems, he said, \"they need less chlorine and let\'s face it, which is not good for the environment.
It kills plants.
Both saline and chlorine pools need to be checked regularly to ensure that the chemical composition of the water is correct.
But in general, the chlorine pool needs more maintenance to control pH and chemical levels, experts say.
The price of additives is also around $50 per month.
The additives in the salt water pool are only about half on average, but the initial treatment cost is as high as thousands of dollars.
Heat pump and electricity-Save variables-
High-speed pumps also reduce energy costs, Mr. Browning said.
Hot tub or spa has long been a replacement for the pool and manufacturers have made them more environment friendly with low
In order to save energy and silver, amp pump and foam insulation-
Dave Cintorino, president of Reston-said ionic mineral boxes and ozone generators can reduce the chloride reaction
Escape based on family.
Deck, now by the longer-
Durable synthetic wood that can be customized as \"in-ground” look.
There\'s usually an artificial interior.
The appearance of marble is usually solid.
Cintorino said: \"The Color of espresso and Java coffee is very large now . \"
In addition to being more efficient, the spa is more comfortable, he said.
Like the pool, almost all the pools have some kind of waterfall.
Usually built-in accompanying sound system
LED lights including digital control.
Another option is the swimming spa, which can halve the cost of purchasing a swimming pool.
The jet drives water and makes it possible to swim, Browning said.
\"It still offers you Spa in a smaller space,\" he said . \".
Small, though, does not necessarily mean cheap.
There are some clients in the Washington area, their backyard is small, the pool is small and very expensive.
\"They are cocktail pools,\" Browning said . \"
They can spend hundreds and thousands of dollars.
Options include water features, cobblestone finishes, stone terraces, and a very lush landscape.
It\'s for bathing and hanging out.
Like a cocktail, want a drink instead of a big mouth.
The other end of the price spectrum is the splash pad.
You saw them in the water park.
Terrace area with water column, children have time for their life.
Splash mats have been popular for some time in water parks and backyard in the Midwest and Southern California, but they are a new option for the residential market in the Washington area.
Bill Stanley, owner of the Cedar Creek running Building at carpeper, says the concept is simple.
\"There is a 500 buried on the terrace. to 1,000-
The gallon tank, \"he said.
\"The water is coming up through the jet pump and then discharged to a central point to be recycled.
The cost of these systems is about $10,000 to $15,000.
Like the pool, they need chlorine.
But they\'re safer.
Therefore, families with children are particularly attracted
Because there is no water.
No fence is needed.
Terrace area-
Covering a non
Non-slip rubber material
Can be used for other purposes when the jet device is not turned on.
Stanley says there are dozens of spray and patio configurations, and his company is one of the few to install a home splash pad.
\"You can go crazy with them.
\"Don\'t be surprised if a simple pool or spa program becomes something more.
David Miller, counsel for Vienna, can prove this.
His patio needs to be replaced.
He now has a screen porch, a fire pit and a 7-Hot tub-
Except for a new deck.
\"We have a pool but you don\'t have to use it in winter.
\"The hot tub is relaxing,\" Miller said . \".
\"You slept 30 minutes before you went to bed and slept like a baby.
\"It\'s also a visually stunning addition to the backyard.
It partially sinks, with stone walls and waterfalls on three sides, and is a model for swimming pools and spas.
\"Before, there was no \'Oh wow \'factor in the backyard,\" Miller said . \". “It does now.
Laura Barnhart Cech is a freelance writer.
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