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the beast at alexandra palace: \'world\'s biggest inflatable obstacle course\' opens this weekend

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-31
You might say that the inflatable barrier course was blown up this year.
During the parade, brokewell Park in Brixton hosted Gung-Ho!
5,000 Londoners took part in serious and interesting challenges for 10 adults
Large inflatable obstacles including ball pits, climbing walls and \"challenges.
At the time, it was advertised as \"the world\'s largest inflatable Handicap course\", but now, this weekend, Ally Pally is also set as dwarf Brockwell while cheering the beast.
The Beast, which is over 272 long, will have 32 obstacles and will be accompanied by DJs, light shows, street food suppliers including Saucy Chip and Taco Revolution, as well as pop music
A bar serving prosecco, craft beer and cocktails.
Due to our unreliable summer weather, the Beast will be kept in a cage-or at least in the Hall of the palace, it will be kept indoors.
The beast will open on Friday, August 25, from ten o\'clock A. M. every morning to eleven o\'clock P. M. every night, and will be open throughout the bank holiday weekend, including Monday.
The daily meeting will be divided into 11-15-year-
Only at ten o\'clock A. M. in the evening-10.
45 then only 16 meetings from eleven o\'clock A. M. to close.
Tickets are priced at £ 20, plus a booking fee of £ 2 for 15 minutes per game.
It is recommended that the ticket holder be present 30 minutes before the start of the meeting.
Organizers suggest that people can finish the course with hats and tails
Shirts and shorts.
For more information, visit talexandrapalace.
Go to London.
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