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The Best Giant Water Slides For Sale

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-22
The coolest water slide in the market today!View all major brands...Banzai à per ®WAII.®NinjaJump.®Hipofield:®Amazing Jump®N \\ \'tablet computer\'®.See the best and largest water slide here!Click on the ebay or Amazon link to purchase these awesome water slides or simply visit the site.
Beware!This giant crocodile is loose on its road and devours everything!How long is this monster from down to down 30 feet with razorThe teeth are sharp and the chin is strong enough to crush an SUV...Swallow it!If you dare to invade its territory, an amazing slippery back security will be your reward --But be careful that its deadly tail is high in the air of 28 feet!This unit has a double taxiway and also has 20 \\\'-tall version!www.Cut vegetables.Palace of Wahi®The water slide is a giant water slide for children.
Create a water park in your own backyard with the Wahii waterslide.75 feet long, 12 feet wide!Ideal for birthday parties and summer.Kids love it!Made of thick UV-resistant plastic with special formula.
Very smooth surface, rated 256lb per square foot!Patent-pending Zulu-Stik fasteners fix the slide on the grass.The water slide is huge and takes about 15 minutes to set up.There are two models75ft x 12ft ($149) and 50ft x 12ft ($129 ).
Summer camps, church camps, entertainment departments and ordinary people all over the world have thousands of Wahii waterslides for sale!Best water slide for sale.It turned out to be Waii.®Water skiing starts on 2007.www.Wahiiwaterslide.This drop area water slide provides two ways to slide and enjoy extreme sliding funTwist and open the curved slide or drop down in the drop area.In the event lagoon, there is a huge splash in both, where you can challenge your friends to a basketball game or ice them with water --Blasting gun.
With the continuous airflow blower included, all the fun expands in less than 2 minutes.Heavy-duty Dura-Technology construction ensures long-lasting strength and durability.Inflatable Time: 3 minutes.Maximum weight: 200.0 Lb.www.toyquest.Titanic adventure slide is the most popular design and the highest incomeSlides have been made.
The spacious climbing area, safety armrests, safe steps and a fast two-way taxiway make it easy for everyone on the taxiway.There are two sizes to choose from: 25 \\ \'and 33 \\\' high with double taxiways.www.Cut vegetables.Wet William city®The slide is a huge water slide that can be installed almost anywhere ~ Enter a small pond, lake or pool!It is interesting and reasonably priced and suitable for your website.
We have worked on engineering and design so there is no need to create your water slide from scratch.You can add Wet Willie water slides to your site at a much lower price than other available water slides without the need for expensive installation.Our colorful giant water slides will attract your attention.
Wet William city®The slides will enhance your waterfront or pool and add luster to the image of your facility.This is a great marketing tool that allows you to take the lead in front of the waterfront fun!Operation of wet William®Minimal staff required for slides.Slides can accommodate up to 250 passengers per hour.
It is weatherproof, durable and much cheaper than other commercially available slides.Unique design of wet William®Slides include cable suspension, multiple color combinations, flexible 18 oz vinyl coated polyester with a variable length to 150 feet, meeting the rigorous installation and inspection standards of the challenge course Technical Association.www.We are friends.To meet the needs of all rental operators and backyard pool parties, Magic Jump created Jr Wave.
This is a smaller version of the popular wave water slide.Jr Wave is designed as a water slide on the front for easy monitoring of participants to ensure safety.In addition, Jr Wave is approved for safety, according to guidelines from New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
As a 15 feet high journey, it supports an 8.Lead the rider into the 5 feet-foot slide in the pool.The Jr wave is bright blue with dolphins and curly waves on top.
Everyone was very happy at the party.
Pay attention to the wipeout curve at the Banzai Big Curve Inflatable water park!Climb the walls along this inflatable waterslide and slingshot along the sloping curved waterslide for a damp and wild journey.Fun will not end with your huge splash landing.Stay cool in the water park event lagoon, where you can challenge some water slide basketball to your friends or ice them with water --Blasting gun.
Tough Dura-Activity lagoon with inflatable basketball, basketball hoop and water-There\'s a side to the inflatable water park-Banzai Wipeout large curve water slide includes continuousMaximum Weight Limit: 200.Inflatable water park size: 18 L x 11 W x 10.www.toyquest.Long live the water park that caused a sensation!The children will have an explosion of water.
Double slide downA waterslide or a waterslide that slides under.In the activity lagoon, the slide ends with a splash, where children can play basketball games or launch from one of the two waters --Blast cannons before climbing the wall.Long live hydro blast furnace inflatable water park with continuous air blower is fast and easy to install.
The Big One!If you own an amusement park or hotel....This is for you.It may also be for you unless you have a very large yard.After years of hard work and great success, Hippo®Resorts and water parks around the world and people looking for new business opportunities are available.
With this in mind, we have developed a comprehensive plan to help you start learning about Hippo®.Your slides will be set up by a qualified installation technician who will teach you how to operate and maintain your investment.Your slide purchase includes two fullProvide Day training services, explaining the work of setting up, maintenance and riding supervision.
This fun family-oriented slide can ride more than 500 times an hour, bringing considerable revenue to operators.Trip to Hippo®It will become one of the most popular rides in your resort or water park.If you want to pass-Attract thousands of families to your position through your competition, then hippo®It is an impeccable investment that guarantees safety and reliability, and a great opportunity to get immediate returns.
Drive to the quarry with this towering, powerful machine!Heavy Haulin \\ \'has a wide taxiway that seems to last forever, enough to appease adventure engineers of any age!The real digital artwork captures the heart of the big moving company.No matter where the heavy Haulin \\ \'is set, its huge wheels will have fun!www.Cut vegetables
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