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the best playgrounds for kids in orange county, california

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-19
Orange County is home to exquisite amusement parks such as Anaheim World
Famous Disneyland and 42 miles of Sunshine Beach.
Therefore, in order to impress and entertain the local children, the park playground of OC must include some real standsOut of attractions.
Colonel Bill Barber Marine Corps Memorial Park was named one of the best playgrounds in the area by the Orange County Register in 2010.
The playground is connected by bridges and ramps, there are many slides, and the park staff conduct safety tests on each slide every day.
There are six picnic areas and a garden around the playground.
It is called \"Castle Park\" because of its playground equipped with coal slag\"
In 2008, Norwood Community Park block Castle was named one of the top ten best amusement parks in the county by the OC family.
The children can run on the bridge of the castle, climb through the tunnel and climb over the wall.
There are also tire swings and sand on the playground.
Screening stations and rides-on animals.
Take your favorite junior paleontology home to the \"dinosaur park\" behind the Laguna Hill community center \".
In 2008, the little adventurer, known by the OC family as one of the best playgrounds in the OC, can explore sabbtooth footprints and whale fossils before taking a break in a hunting Jeep.
Overheated children can cool down next to concrete sea turtles on the playground that spray water every three minutes.
Irving Terrace Park playground in Newport Beach offers unique features including fast tunnel slides with windows and 4-person seesaw.
In some corners of the playground, the mountain top Park can see the ocean in the distance.
In 2008, OC families listed the playground as one of the best in the county.
In 2010, the Atlanta Entertainment Center in Garden Grove won the highest honor of \"Orange County Register\" as the best playground in Orange County. The ocean-
The theme playground includes eight different areas, with attractions such as large sea snakes and whale slides.
For the sake of safety, children are not allowed to play on the playground without adultsversa.
If you pay the entrance fee, you can only enter the closed playground.
2010, 477-rated as one of the best playgrounds in the county by \"Orange County Register\"
Orange\'s acre Irvine Regional Park has four playgrounds, including slides, swings and rock climbing equipment.
The surrounding area serves children seeking adventure by offering pony rides, mini trains, paddle boats and zoos.
Charge and from mid-June until mid-
In August, Huntington Beach Adventure Park was named \"children\'s paradise\" by children\'s guide magazine in 2013 with its unique features \".
The traditional swings and slides are gone.
The playground looks like it was created by Haq Finn.
The center of the playground is a shallow mud pond with a rope bridge, mud slides and equipment to build a fortress.
The children\'s guide focuses on its unusual sights in 2013, Harry M.
Dorson Park in Stanton is a pirate.
Themed Playground centered on a huge pirate ship.
The ship is equipped with a chute and a ladder.
Kids can enjoy the huge treasure chest on the playground and the Big Board under the boat.
There is an old west on the playground. themed run-
Across the Water Park
The mini playground is known as the \"wet Salon\", which includes fountains, fountains and spray.
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