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the carnival vista will contain huge water park and suspended rail ride

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-31
CRUISELINER Mega carnival reveals what their next ship will look like, it\'s not for the fainthearted.
The ship is expected to be launched in mid-2016, one of its features is the world\'s first elevated \"Sky Tour\" railway and a water park consisting of 140 m pipesslide.
The Sky Ride is characterized by a 250-meter ceiling rail.
Love the \"bike, let people sell themselves on board and enjoy the view from 45 metres above the deck.
The deck of Carnival Vista will provide the ultimate playground for the cruise-goers.
Source: The supplier this ship is clearly for more active guests, next to the Sky tour will be a rope-hanging route and the largest water park in the fleet.
According to the company, guests will be able to hop on an inflatable raft and slide through the \"exciting twists and turns adventure\" with stunning kaleidoscope visuals \".
\"The ship will also have the first IMAX cinema at sea, which is expected to be three stories high, and will feature the latest Hollywood blockbusters, classic movies and IMAX documentaries.
The new boat will also contain a bar with an active brewery inside.
Although this will definitely impress the beer.
For Lovers, Carnival Vista will be the second ship to have the German cruise AIDAblue stay online
Board brewery for many years.
For those who need Dutch courage before the 140-meter water slide.
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