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the dump furniture outlet ditches n.j. and at home is moving in

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-05
This unique furniture store will leave New Jersey and choose a new location outside Philadelphia.
The dump announced Thursday that it will close the location of Highway 42 Turnersville and move to a new single concept store in Oaks, Pennsylvania, which will currently be located in Oaks with Turnersville\'s
\"We really regret closing Turnersville, but with the lease of the building expiring, this is a good time to consolidate the operation of this market,\" E. , president of the dump. J.
\"In a statement, Strez said.
\"We are working hard to find new positions for our team members at Turnersville in Oaks, as well as those who are willing to relocate, elsewhere in our system.
\"A request for comment to the property on the edge of the city regarding the departure of the store, and whether there is any new potential business that will lease the space, was not immediately returned.
However, a listing advertisement on the company\'s website for the property said that the home decoration store at home was \"about to launch \".
\"Speculation about real estate changes was first published on the local blog 42 freeway. com.
Strelitz added that the concept of Oak would involve high
Terminal brands with lower profit structure, higher efficiency and higher salary
Creating Strelitz based on location calls it \"no.
Customer experience pressure.
\"As traditional retail is in crisis, brands that didn\'t work with us before are doing this now,\" said the president of the furniture store . \".
\"We will be more capable than ever to take advantage of the opportunity to buy for our customers who are very brand savvy.
The company said it would clean up $12 million in inventory at 89,000 square meters. foot building.
A spokesman for the company said that stores are usually open until all goods are sold.
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