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the history of fun inflatables and the bouncy castle

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-27
In his 50 s, John spelock, while designing and researching inflatable shelters for tennis courts, noticed his colleagues
The workers like to jump on the cover.
He is an engineer who is interested in physics.
John Scurlock designed the first inflatable structure in the US state of Luis Anna in 1959.
John leads the way in inflatable toys;
His greatest achievement must be the invention of a safety air cushion, which is still used by emergency service agencies to capture the public jumping from high-rise buildings in an attempt to escape the fire.
Although most people still prefer resilient castles, many attribute their lives to bad debts.
He decided to create a \"entertainment bodyguard\" for the children \".
John began designing a huge inflatable mattress and decided to add walls in 1967.
The original design was surrounded by a bubble with transparent plastic windows.
Soon after the animal shape began to appear, it led a variety of designs, including the ubiquitous inflatable castle.
John\'s wife set up the first rental company in 1969 called \"space walk\" and \"inflatable zoo \".
The brand grew steadily and by 1986 they had
Inflatable theme park called \"Fun Factory.
Another park was opened in 87, called \"Fun Plex \".
Over the next decade, John\'s son, Frank, continued to develop new ideas, eventually creating the first inflatable water slide in 1990.
In 1978, an Englishman designed the first inflatable castle with three walls and the other open for entry and supervision.
Unfortunately, he did not apply for a patent for the idea, which became the standard of the world.
The British also claimed that the first casual inflatable toy was designed by college students in 1961 and was originally used for fund-raising activities.
The claim is controversial, and although they may have invented the original inflatable castle design, Scurlock certainly invented the concept of an interesting inflatable toy.
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