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the huge yellow inflatable water slide at king\'s cross is open

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-30
This morning, the Londoners beat the heat by going down the giant yellow water slide.
The 100-meter-long slide installed next to King\'s Cross station this weekend is touted as the best way for commuters to relax after a long trip.
The punters were very comfortable shooting when they tried the slide today.
Free priority tickets for two
The day event is part of the Lipton Iced Tea \"become a day breaker\" campaign, all claimed, but, if people are willing to line up, they can still travel on the slides.
Some tweeters seem to be impressed with the inflatable structure, while others think it is impractical to go down before work.
Gemma Deering said: \"I don\'t mind going this morning.
But Amit Rao said: \"How are you going to use the water slide at the King\'s intersection on your way to work ? \"?
\"The slides are open today and tomorrow.
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