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the little mermaid pool floats exist and we are officially excited for summer

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-07
Forget the huge flamingos because the pool floats are right here and we are very excited to start preparing for the summer.
Oh, my Disney has just released a \'\'which includes several inflatable pool floats and some other Disney-based summer products.
First of all, there is a huge swimming pool floating in Sebastian.
You know, the little red crab that worries about everything. It costs $59. 95 (£42)
And have handles on both sides of the head.
Then there is the floating currency in the Flounder pool, $54 (£38)
A flat float in yellow and blue that looks like Ariel\'s best friend.
There are many other summer projects besides floats.
This includes a Flounder themed cocktail cup, some Ariel sliders, a Ariel fin towel, an Ariel waterproof phone holder and some inflatable Cup holders inspired by Little Mermaid.
Basically, once the sun starts rising normally, we will have a huge Little Mermaid themed pool party.
But you have to wait a while if you want to get these things.
Although the online store is based in the US, they do ship to the UK.
Of course, this is definitely an amazing news.
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