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the most popular theme parks and water parks in the world

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-15
The theme park continues to find ways to tap into our wallets: Rides, hotels, food, retail stores, and features such as popular movies that take advantage of intellectual property rights.
Crowds of people watch their favorite movie characters at the theme attractions, including Star Wars characters, Harry Potter, Minions, dinosaurs, and more.
According to a recent report released by the theme Entertainment Association and AECOM, the park\'s attendance rate has increased globally, which tracks attendance at international amusement parks.
The total attendance rate of the world\'s top 25 theme parks was nearly 0. 244 billion, up 4 year on year. 7% over 2016.
The overall growth of the 10 major theme park operators was driven mainly by Chinese properties, with the number of Chinese tourists growing by nearly 20%.
At present, the total attendance rate of major operators in China is about the first quarter.
It is reported that there are nearly half a million visits per year, and the largest operator\'s attendance rate is more than double the attendance rate of all major sports leagues in the world.
Some major park operators include Walt Disney. Attractions, (DIS -Get Report)
Merlin Entertainment Group, global Park and Resort, China Park, October.
This is the busiest theme park and water park in the world. (
Photo source: Japan\'s Long Island Resort & Spa (Wuttisit Somtui/Shutterstock)1.
Located in the magical kingdom of Walt Disney World Lake in Buena Vista, Florida.
The Disney Resort near Orlando has four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood studios.
Graphic: Clement Bardot/Wikipedia2.
Disneyland, California Anaheim
Photo: Wikipedia
Tokyo Disneyland Tokyo, Japan
Universal Studios Osaka, Japan, Universal Studios Hogwarts magic school.
Graphic: molar/Shutterstock5.
Tokyo Disneyland, Japan 176-
The Tokyo Disney ocean is located in the Tokyo Disney Resort.
Graphic: Shutterstock6.
Located in the Disney Animal Kingdom of Buena Vista, Walt Disney World Lake in Florida.
Photos:©BrokenSphere/Wikimedia commons7
Epcot at Walt Disney World Lake in Buena Vista, Florida.
Image source: Robert Noel de Tilly
The number of visitors to China\'s Shanghai Disneyland has nearly doubled from five.
2016 6 million. Photo: Disney9.
Disney World Lake Buena Vista, Hollywood studio in Florida.
The picture shows the Echo Lake section of Disney\'s Hollywood studio.
Graphic: Jedi94/Wikipedia10.
Universal Studios Orlando, Florida.
The picture above is Universal Studios \'Harry Potter and escape from the gulingge.
Photo: Globe orlando11
China Ocean Changlong: Windyboy/shutterstock 12
Disneyland Paris-ParisLa-
In 2017, the number of visitors to Disneyland in Paris, France led to the overall number of visitors to the European theme park.
Picture: Xuan Peng/Shutterstock13.
Disney adventure park California
Photo: Craig Conley/Wikipedia
Located in the Adventure Island of Universal Orlando.
The picture above shows the green giant roller coaster of Adventure Island.
Photo: Mia2you/shutterstock 15
Universal Studios Hollywood, California
The picture shows the riding of The Simpsons in 2015.
Graphic: Assisi Islam Shutterstock16.
SEOUL, South Korea, Lotte World, spring cherry blossoms in the world of Lotte.
Photo: guitar photographer
Yu Jinxiang festival held in Everland earlier this year.
Photo: Longqing Nghia/Shutterstock18.
Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong Disney Space Mountain.
Photo: eagle4life 69 in English Wikipedia.
In Nabana, in Namba No Sato spring illumation, on the land of the Namba Island Spa, LED lights decorate leaves-free trees from the middle
From the beginning of October to the 5th, and keep it in the spring.
Graphic: Wuttisit Somtui/Shutterstock20.
The cable car of the South China Sea and Ocean Park of Hong Kong Ocean Park.
Photo: shutterstock 21. Europa-
Europa Park, Germany-
Park is the second largest park resort in Europe.
Photo: gevision/shutterstock 22.
Disneyland Park-DisneylandLa-
Valli, FrancePhoto: TheOneVader/wikiedia23.
The Dutch attractions are based on ancient myths, fairy tales and folklore.
The park has been open since 1952.
Above is the king of trolls.
Photo: Marcel alsenmeister/short Stoke 24.
The Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen opened in 1843 and is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world.
Above is the Palace of the Moors.
Photo: shutterstock 25.
Universal Studios Singapore is located in Minion Mart, a souvenir store in Universal Studios Singapore.
Photo: Siwaporn/five world water parks.
Guangzhou Changlong Water Park, the global attendance rate of China Water Park increased by 1. 6% to about 30.
There are 2 million parks in the first 20.
Around the world, the new Volcano Bay attracted about one person and received a return.
5 million of the first year.
Some parks, including SeaWorld, suffered setbacks from weather and natural disasters, and the 2013 documentary Black Fish still caused strong repercussions, \"about a coach killed by a killer whale who has been imprisoned for 30 years.
Photo: guohonghua/shutterstock 2
Typhoon Lagoon in Disney World, Florida.
The second busiest water park in 2017 includes waterslide, raft rides and huge wave pools.
Photo: elisfkc from Orlando/Wikipedia, USA.
Figure: Marco o\'leilio espaz/Wikipedia a4.
Blizzard Beach in Disney World Orlando. This 60-Kerry ski resort
The theme water park opened in Walt Disney World on 1995. Photo: Disney5.
Popular, 141-Bahamas water park
Kerry water sports center
High speed waterslide, lazy river and pool.
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