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The old school playground equipment dilemma

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-19
At least the view will be good when she falls.Or not..............Maybe we should start a new feature here about conflict parenting.Because you know this will never happen.But over the last two weeks I \'ve been through it many times and I \'ve been thinking about the Dolores Park playground in San Francisco, and even though I \'ve been trying to approve and oppose it in my head, I feel quite conflictedDo I like it?Do I hate it?I don’t know.The answers change every day.You may have seen similar parks.It has a large playground completely covered with sand, and it is an old one from the fertile ground up.school, ’70s-When we were young, we might remember the equipment of the times.No plastic.Nothing fancy.Old-fashioned arsenic-Contaminated Wood, cold, sunken metal and lots of ladders.In the bubble age, forgotten game time is an inevitable miracle --Package parenting.But what I often think of is the height of the equipment.This is a playground for some special generation.Children of the disappeared GiantsThere were some rings I had to jump high and I saw some kids falling a few times from the ring which made Gerald Ford look like a ballerinaPresident of the age of 70-Time amusement equipment?No?Anyone,anyone?).The ladder could not be very high either, with a looming open gap on the tower waiting for the clumsy toddler to walk.But there\'s a conflict: it\'s not entirely safe for my 2 year old, but after a few years I\'m sure she\'ll be fine --Like the big kids now.While there must be some moments now, when my heart jumps in my chest, ready to jump out of my mouth, in the years to come, I know she\'s on all these devicesLike when I was a kid.So on the one hand, it\'s nice to see this old-The school equipment has not been repaired.It reminds me of my own childhood and seems a bit more open --A lot of new playground equipment is over today.For example, there is no fire truck with only fire engines.Most of these devices are wood and metal.Mature for a fictional fantasy world.believe games.(To be fair, there is a structure of the ship there, but it is defeated, you know even in the most popular manufacture --Believe it won\'t float.) On the other hand, the whole fusion of steel and wood doesn\'t seem safe, and I can hear my parents screaming in my head, \"she\'ll get hurt!No one will think of the child!\"In addition, there is arsenic in the paint, so there is.Finally, my internal debate may not make sense.There is a very active group looking for funds to transform the playground into something more modern.(Didn\'t we vote to approve the park bond fund so that the parent company didn\'t have to do it on its own?What gives?) Still, I\'m curious: do others like it?and also fear —these old-School playground building?It seems that removing them also takes a little bit of our childhood time, however ...... We want our children to be safer than we have to be.Stupid parents!Mike adamick also wrote in Shout: The Adventure of stayingat-homedad (www.mikeadamick.Com) and chatter.com.With these inner conversations, he spends 30 minutes getting dressed every morning.
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