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the super duper guide to sunway lagoon water park

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-01
No matter where you go, in addition to the famous landmarks and local sightseeing hotspots, you will definitely visit the zoo and some amusement parks or water parks.
But it must be time to travel and visit these attractions. consuming.
But what if all these spots are together?
A water park, an amusement park, and a zoo.
The Sunway Lagoon came in from here.
Located in Shenwei lagoon, Selangor, Malaysia.
Sunway group has amusement parks, water parks, scream parks, extreme parks, wildlife parks and Nickelodeon Lagoon.
Sunway Lagoon is definitely a mini lake if anything different
A world full of fun and excitement.
But as the introduction goes deeper, let\'s take a look at the knowledge about Sunway Lagoon and its six areas.
Get tickets: Sunway Lagoon in Kuala Lumpur is open from ten o\'clock A. M. to six o\'clock P. M. , all days of the week.
The biggest benefit of Sunway Lagoon is that you don\'t have to pay separately for each park.
You buy a ticket and you can enjoy six parks and their 90 attractions (
Pay less four times per ride: bungee jump, G-Force X, scuba diving, and kart).
As of 2018, the adult fare was RMB 190 (
13 years or more);
RM 160 for children (
12 years or less)
And the elderly (
60 years or more).
But tickets cannot be refunded or canceled once purchased.
The cost of each riding activity varies. They are:1.
One jump costs RM 138 bungee jump.
G Force X, the cost of a single entry is RM 68, and the cost of dvd3 is an additional RM 25.
The prices for single karts are RM 24 and Go-
The double price for kart is Rs 304.
Scuba diving costs 85 RM for just one entrance.
Tickets cannot be canceled or refunded.
Store your things and another payment method: you can store your items in the available rental lockers, if you do not want to carry any cash with you, you can choose another payment method: cash wristband.
You can deposit the money into the wristband and use it in each purchase form of all six parks.
The San Wei lagoon in Kuala Lumpur is a water park and the most famous part of Africa.
It has the first surfing simulator in Africa, Congo challenge waterslide and Malaysia (the Wave Rider).
It also has a child.
Central area known as \"little Zimbabwe\"
Friendly water park, there is an African like a village with a cabin and guards from the Marseille tribe at the door. Lynton V.
Pastor Harris is a terrorist.
The theme park has a variety of theaters, attractions and activities designed to make your face pale.
The list of attractions includes a vampire-based theater, Pontiac fear theater and a haunted house, 3 DX\'s Ruma Hantu, horror Wood Studio exhibition, museum exhibition night, World War Z attraction, jailbreak show, terminator X: The appeal of laser combat rescue and the recent increase in ghost-and-death team adventure scene.
The amusement park is made up of Wild West and Adventure World.
The most famous attraction is 360-
Pirate ship rotation (
Revenge of Pirates)
, Steep slope water and wood drop (
Flume Cheng, Niagara Falls)
Indiana Jones Adventure (
Lost City of Gold).
Extreme Parks have plenty of bounty for excitement, especially the first bungee jump in Malaysia and the longest flying fox ride in Malaysia.
The wildlife park has more than 150 different species of animals, reptiles and birds.
This is the first interactive wildlife exhibition in Malaysia with educational attractions and live animal performances.
Lake drowning is the first lake in Asia. themed park.
It spans 10 acres of rainforest with over 12 rides and attractions, depending on your favorite Nickelodeon character.
So if you go
Send our greetings to SpongeBob and Patrick!
I\'m sure you can now understand why the San Wei lagoon in Kuala Lumpur is a mini lake
Your own world.
As the people of the San Wei group promised: \"The best day you have ever had!
Plan an exciting trip.
Your best trip is waiting for you.
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