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the wackiest water slides in america

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-01
Now, this is a slide show of summer planning --and porpoises —
We asked the people of the World Water Park Association for help and gave us a list of the most eccentric water slides in the United States.
We also asked them to consider geographical diversity.
They highlighted seven and they made critical comments here: 1)
Dolphins dive in Aquatica in Orlando, Florida. \". . . a 76-metre-
The long black hole of the spiral pipe, which will shoot directly to you, through the middle of the dolphin in Commerson, looks like a miniature killer whale. \" —
The Toronto Star Susan Piger
Explore the plunge in the King\'s corner of Lake Storm in Iowa \". . . features first-of-its-kind-in-
Iowa\'s technology allows guests to choose from eight different virtual reality action themes such as marine life, storms, hot air balloons, sharks, and more. \" —
Paula Reese in Des Moines area
The scorpion tail at Noah\'s Ark Water Park, Wisconsin falls, and Wes. \". . .
Like a water slide with steroids.
Roller Coaster Critic Joel Block says the statistics are shocking and he refers to the 50-foot free-
Speed of 40 miles/hour and 3-g forces.
Besides that, the only water slide ring in the country-
Not very vertical for obvious reasons
\"The result is crazy,\" said Brock. \' \" —
Rob Lovitt of MSNBC4)
Holiday World and Splash Safari wildlife, Santa Claus, Ind. \". . .
The wild gazelle, billed as the world\'s longest water roller coaster, carries passengers at a distance of 1/2 kilometers.
1 minute drive-third-
Including the first four miles.
Story drop and six other hills.
Additional benefits: since the \"alternating magnetic field\" technology has pushed the raft up the first hill, no stairs are required for this water trip. \" —
Hannah Deschamps of the South Bend Court)
Disco H20 is located in Orlando, Florida. \". . .
Water and pulsating lights and four-on-the-
Beat the floor.
Car friends first fell through the dark tube.
A rubber raft.
When they came out, they rotated into a \"water disco\" with disco balls and disco music inside. \" —
Blake Hickman, Florida
Revenge of the Dragon at the new Brown falls schlitterbarn water park in Texas. . . a thrill-
Seeking to ride with two people
A raft of people floating in misty caves and castle ruins, ending with Dragons in dungeon scenes, 30-
Feet fall into the moat\" —L. A.
Lorick, San Antonio Express-News7)
Sail to the center of the Earth in the world of Highland mountains and rivers, federal Highlands, Colorado. \". . . a four-and-a-half-
In the fierce T.
Rex and the other \"automatic animals\" dinosaurs rushed out at the roar of your three dinosaurs.
The raft was sucked into the dark vortex. \" —
Note by Dyan Zaslowsky, New York Times host :. . .
For those of you who don\'t like slides, slides. —L. W.
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