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The war on children\'s playgrounds

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-20
News: It gets hot when metal sits in the sun. Car-at-the-beach-in-the-parking-lot hot.
This is the creator of my city brand. new, zillion-
Dollar Brooklyn Bridge Park is clearly forgotten because its children\'s playground has three shiny domes, each slightly larger than the bean bag chair, made of sparkling steaming, sometimes screaming thingshot metal.
They are heated like a frying pan.
So, the crowd came in, people went forward, and one side was stunned.
Interrupted by angry parents and terrible media.
The park hastily set up small tents to keep out the sun, but they were all worn out.
Dink and don\'t do the work.
So, perhaps, the Dome of the children is doomed.
It will be ironic, because in their sheer, full expansion--
In fact, they don\'t have moving parts, no sharp edges, and no steeper places than speed bumps ---
The dome seems to be the safest and brightest playground equipment ever.
They are perfect for a child.
Cultivate a culture that requires a world without a single world. The bubble-wrap zeitgeist.
So maybe here\'s a lesson: We get burned when we work on too much safety.
For the past 40 years or so, we have been trying to make our playground safer than it is ---
Maybe safer than entertainment.
See an old happygo-
Recently circled, or a swinging door. -
The one without Springs, when you\'re like this
My friend knocked you down suddenly. you don\'t think I think so.
The Consumer Product Safety Board has issued a large number of playground regulations and has actually advised against \"tripping hazards such as stumps and rocks \".
\"Maybe we should mess up the local park and put a few spots ---
It\'s made of plastic this time.
The idea, of course, is that the playground needs to be constantly remodeled because the children are hurting themselves unnecessarily.
But it depends on your definition of \"unnecessary.
\"Children are at risk,\" said Joan Almon, executive director of the State Department. S.
Childhood alliance.
\"Give them some real risks and they will soon know what their limits are and then they will expand their limits.
\"The problem is that if children never run into even small risks, they will not develop the common sense we say.
Joe Frost, an honorary professor at the University of Texas, wrote 18 books on children\'s games.
For the past 33 years, he has also watched the children frolicking on his personal development playground at the Redemption Luther School in Austin, and constantly tinkering.
\"There is a public school a few blocks away, and the principal told me that they have had two or three fractures this year,\" Frost said . \".
At the same time, at Redeemer, \"for 30 years, we have an average of one on the playground every ten years ---
Our kids from 4-to 6-
Foot deck when running dead
They play chase games on the device and throughout the country you will find that schools are not even allowed to do so. \"He\'s right.
The school banned tag and other running games during recess.
At my son\'s public grammar school, children are only allowed to run around the yard and not anywhere in the middle.
There are too many chances of injury for someone!
So why did 500 students from Frost not hurt them? Frost said that\'s why he and his friends didn\'t hurt themselves while playing in rural Arkansas: they had a feeling of safe driving height and speed.
They learned how to protect themselves.
They even learned how to fall safely.
You can guess how a child gets this particular skill.
A playground for children to move, slot, grow and think requires a frisson for adventure.
This is what Denmark realized in World War II: children actually prefer to play in the bombed ruins --
More than the buildings on their regular playground!
With this in mind, the Danes began to build the \"adventure playground\" full of \"loose parts \"---aka junk.
England has also adopted this model, with London once having 200 adventure playgrounds.
Almon says it still has about 80, and about 1,000 still prosper throughout Europe.
Just outside Zurich. -
The cleanest city ever-
She saw three.
Story shed in the distance: child-
The tower was built on the adventure playground.
\"They look like they\'re going to blow in the wind,\" Almon said . \".
\"But, of course, the children use so many nails that when the staff at the [playground] are trying to remove these structures so that the children can build more, they have to use the chainsaw
\"These workers supervise but do not over-protect and encourage the children to Hammer, cut and climb.
Not surprisingly, there are only two adventure playgrounds and one at Huntington Beach, California in the United States.
Open only part-time.
The other, both predictable and in Berkeley, you have to sign a small guestbook --qua-
Give up legally when you go in.
Of course, what makes such a big change in the US playground is the fear of litigation.
Take slides as an example.
1978, a Chicago boy from 12-
Slippery feet and damaged brain.
There is no more sad story, so you can predict what will happen next.
A 1982 article in Pediatrics suggests no playground equipment above 6 feet tall.
It only makes sense if you want to make sure that no child older than 7 is excited about going to the park.
Thankfully, it sounds like a good compromise if these height suggestions are properly closed and these height suggestions are allowed today: safe but still interesting.
The regulations on other playgrounds have also provided help without dispute.
Who can object to replacing asphalt with soft, sticky stuff (well, other than New Yorkers who claim that the playground mats in the city are very hot, the wise Park Commissioner basically says this: wear shoes.
) Also better, no longer allow screws to stick out from playground equipment-
Probably saved one or two teeth.
I don\'t like the idea of a kid who prefers to have his head stuck between two jungle gym bars with poor spacing than you do.
But playground (actually counted) said that the rules of the playground have expanded to 51 pages.
Now the public playground kills only three or four people a year. -
Of course it\'s a tragedy, but it\'s more rare than lightning. -
If for every child who has not broken his legs, millions of people have never developed muscles to do the chin, is the endless decree really helpful
Up, or stamina to play tag games, or any interest in playing outside, due to stupid behavior --
Is this a good deal?
\"It\'s like we think there\'s a world where if people do things right, there won\'t be any accidents,\" said Philip Howard, author of life without a lawyer.
\"If we build a perfect playground, no child will be hurt.
But this is impossible.
Risk is part of life.
It makes sense to minimize it.
Trying to eliminate it means eliminating the game because it\'s always possible for children to get hurt when they play.
What we leave to our children is a childhood designed by a lawyer.
Just in the past January, in the city of woris, New York. J. , a well-
Insurance companies in the suburbs of Philadelphia have announced that wooden playgrounds in the town must be removed.
\"This is a very popular playground,\" said Lawrence Spelman, the town\'s chief executive.
\"It\'s big and there\'s a lot of corners and gaps to hide. Kids loved it.
We don\'t want to take it down at all.
\"But it came down because, even if it was built in 1990s, it did not meet the latest requirements.
Goodbye, Gap.
Farewell to more playground staples across the country.
Julia Chen, the owner of a game store in Palo Alto, said that all the sand had recently been removed from her local playground and replaced with wood chips.
(Anxiety about sand comes from the cat\'s fear of using the playground in the United States as a bin ---
By the way, this is a city myth.
) At the same time, here are interesting signs-
Love Wharf Park in East Boston: \"cycling, roller skating, skateboarding, playing ball, kites, scooters, wheeled toys, swimming, fishing, fire, barbecues, alcoholic beverages, prohibition of the use of glass containers, animals and unlicensed vendors.
\"So that\'s what I think. . .
NappingGeralyn Bywater mcllin lin, the group director authorized by Play, and her twins 6-year-
\"They had a good time,\" she said . \"
\"We took our scooter and we were leaving and a policeman reached out and said, \'Don\'t ride a scooter!
I was shocked. The police smiled and said, \"We have a lot of rules here that you can\'t play . \"\'\"Ha ha. Really funny.
Surprisingly, even with all these safety precautions, many parents are so focused on the playground = dangerous mentality that nothing is safe enough.
Jonathan Hodge, a financial planner at Lincoln, Massachusetts.
Take his two children to the playground and can\'t believe his eyes.
\"Your parents will walk these children\'s walks, children\'s slides, and so on these structures and tubes, tracking these children with their outstretched palms as if the children would fall and commit suicide.
Why do you think we have these?
Because our culture has always told us that there is no risk that can be tolerated.
Parenting list issued this month \"4 Easy-to-
Avoid danger on the playground-
It\'s like bad luck everywhere on the playground. Tip No.
3: \"The national playground safety program does not recommend spiral, twisted slides for children under 5 years of age.
If you can\'t resist the taste.
Slide on, stay near when she goes down, or slide with her.
\"Guess what this is 63-year-
Before the insurance company insisted on taking it down, the old one was done in the wooden es Park.
She was injured in an ankle and charged $2. 5 million.
So do we have any hope that we can be soberly aware that life includes risk and somehow attract our children back to the outside (and perhaps attract their guardians from playground equipment as well)
A glimmer of hope is coming from--get this --
Brooklyn Bridge Park
Although the children\'s area is very hot, there are high slides on the larger playground that is about to open. Yes, tall ones!
There are a lot of plants, bringing the children back to nature, and some wild ones --
\"Taishan swing\"
\"Not to mention climbing the tower ---
Unusual in these days of litigation-
And a huge sandbox.
\"The playground is hard to design,\" said Matthew Urbanski, president of the park designer Michael Van walkenberg Association, who is the leader in landscape design.
\"There are so many limitations that you have to be aware of very important safety issues, as well as durability and convenience that are things that start to cover the entire design process.
\"His team is trying to take a step back and think about interesting things: what will really stimulate the brains of the children, as he said,\" exercise their bodies, expose them to hot, cold, wet and dry conditions.
\"Well, I will watch it in the hot weather.
But beyond that, it is very encouraging.
The last one on the Tarzan swing is the stinky egg!
Lenore Skenazy is a public speaker and author of this book and blogRange Kids.
On Saturday, May 22, she announced, \"take our children to the park . . . . . . Let them stay there for a day.
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