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the weirdest jobs in the world from working as a professional armpit smeller to tasting dog food for £50k or testing water slides

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-18
Most of us will try our best to avoid smelling BO from another person.
But for some people, every day\'s work smells like underarm.
More and more people sign up to become professional underarm smellers-
Used by perfume and cosmetics companies to test the effectiveness of perfumes and deodorant.
But, incredibly, this is not the weirdest job on Earth.
Last year, a university in California called on anyone who wants to make money by eating avocado for three months to see if it helps to lose weight.
They were overwhelmed by the application and 250 people managed to find a location on three sitesmonth trial.
This is far from the only strange job, though.
From embracing people for money to mourning the death of a strangerto-
Every day, if you want to change your career, there will be a whole bunch of unusual, completely eccentric jobs.
Better yet, most of them don\'t even need prior training or experience.
So, if you\'re eager to leave the office forever, take a look at some of the weirdest jobs you might be doing --
And how to apply.
Employer: International Perfume Association Salary: 39000how application: apply through their website. We all had a few days to work and were forced to sit next to a colleague who had a particularly pungent smell in his pit.
But you can end the situation by making sure that the dim deodorant won\'t go public.
The company employs underarm smellers to help test the latest products against sweat and body odor
All you have to do is give a person who has just been on the treadmill for an hour a big smell.
The average annual income is up to £ 39,000, so that\'s not bad.
Businesses may also call on nose judges to determine the effectiveness of cat litter or insoles in controlling unpleasant smells.
For anyone with a well, have a jobtrained nose.
Employer: NASASalary: 70 daysHow apply for £ 12,000: apply through their website and no matter how hard we try, we won\'t be able to get enough returns --
But nasa hired a professional sleeper, and you guessed it, considering the hard task of having to sleep for a few days in a row. Why?
All this is done in the name of science.
Volunteers were paid up to £ 12,000 for sleep for 70 consecutive days, so scientists could study the effects of different air pressures on the human body.
The study of bed rest provides scientists with a way to observe how the body adapts to weightlessness.
Participants must live, eat or even take a bath in the same location.
This leads to their bodies.
Cardiovascular system
Just as they adapt in space, and they are constantly being monitored to see how their bodies change.
The result allows the design of strategies that help astronauts perform space missions, as well as the bed-
Cyclists on Earth
So you can sleep on seven Mondays and in the process you can help the future of humanity
Is there a better job?
If space is not your thing, then you can try the same thing closer to home in Finland.
Helsinki hotels Finland-Finland
Sleep time tests the comfort of their beds to help them improve the guest experience. Salary: £20K-
50 how to apply: Contact your dog\'s favorite pet food brand with your resume or check if there is a vacancy on their website.
We always thought it was human testing on animals.
Not the opposite way.
A rather disgusting job for pet food savors is to send them the latest pet food flavors and try them out.
While dogs and cats have different flavors for us, making sure that each ingredient is \"balanced in the right way\" is the work of the saver.
Philip Wells, a former sommelier of Lily\'s Kitchen pet food, told The Sun that the job even helped him improve his cooking skills.
\"Trying food is also a great way to understand the nuances of cooking;
\"This is particularly effective on dry kibles,\" he said . \".
What is impressive is that wages can range from 20,000 to 50,000 depending on how long you do the job and how refined your taste buds are.
Employer: hug party pay: £ 60 per hour how to apply: Register 10-
In this world, we meet with everyone through the app, sometimes the intimacy of the face --to-
People lack face-to-face contact in their lives.
A professional hug teacher is here to help.
They are exchanging up to £ 60/hour for non-cash
Sexual hugs, experts claim that the rise in their popularity is an unlikely factor --Donald Trump.
Marcia Baczynski, co-
The founder of the hug party said the current state of the world is driving people to find comfort in the most unlikely places.
Ian Carmen, a professional hug who has been working for a few years, insists that it\'s not as sexy as people think.
He told The Sun: \"There are sometimes moments of sex when I\'m with someone, but you learn to deal with and acknowledge it, but you don\'t encourage it and it ends up
Employer: Same Ole Line dudesalary: how to apply £ 20 per hour: find a position through their website. We know one or two things to queue up in the UK, but do you know that some people are actually paid for queuing up?
Employer: first option: 26KHow application: contact directly first option if you enjoyed water park when you were a child then this could be your perfect job --
But there\'s a problem.
Only one person can do this, so the competition is very fierce.
In 2013, slide Smith was selected as the first choice for the water slide tester.
He beat more than 2000 other applicants and since then he has been traveling around the world for six months every year, testing the latest rides and rating their fun --factor.
\"You have to undress when the weather is cold, it can be tough, but other than that, it\'s great,\" said former employee Tommy Lynch . \".
\"Checking the sink is the best so far.
But it has a serious side and a lot of responsibility.
\"The job pays £ 26,000 a year in six months, so you can basically relax for the other six months.
The first option is to hire only one expert, so you have to wait until the Seb is ready to exit, unfortunately!
Employer: Tokyo travel authorized salary: DOEHow application: If you think your commute is bad, at a local station, then think about ways for those who find themselves pushed to the train in Japan, so that the door can remain closed.
Tokyo has one of the busiest and most efficient rail services in the world, but it won\'t happen if it doesn\'t help during peak hours.
Trains get very crowded during rush hour, Subway push-or Oshiya -
Be hired to put as many people in as possible.
Sometimes people are pushed so tightly that their feet don\'t even touch the ground.
London, by contrast, seems happy.
Unfortunately, this is only available in Japan.
You can try it in the UK, but we suspect commuters will be particularly grateful.
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