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the world’s biggest inflatable obstacle course is coming to london next weekend

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-21
Fitness work is a bit too serious at times.
Especially obstacle classes, just like living in hell-just look at the mud photos of people who are more difficult.
No one seems to think they have a good time.
In fact, they may seem more willing to poke their eyes with a cocktail stick than trying to climb the wall covered with butter.
But there is a course coming to London next weekend and we can all really get involved. No pain.
No rough surface
No instructor barking in your ear.
Only your inflatable castle with 5 km
The world\'s largest inflatable obstacle course will arrive at the blokwell Park in London on March 25, a 5k race of slides, foam, balls and a labyrinth of inflatable castles. Gung Ho!
Not timed-it\'s just an opportunity to get muscles moving while keeping your inner 9-year-old.
In fact, at the end of the course, the largest inflatable slide ever in Europe was measured at 200ft-higher than the three double --decker buses.
This activity is in cooperation with it and everyone participating in the event can donate money to the charity if they wish.
If you think about it, it\'s a more enjoyable way to raise money than to run a. Crazily
You can book tickets.
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