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the \'world\'s meanest neighbor\' who \'pulled the plug on a bounce house at a girl\'s second birthday party - and left children trapped inside\' is arrested

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-05
A 70-year-
On Friday, an old man from Florida, Charles waterluba, was arrested on suspicion of unplugging his plug in a bounce house packed with children.
He was released on charges of trespassing and disrupting peace.
Police said that last month, wotrubadefl deflated the bounce house at a birthday party, and surveillance video captured him committing the crime before he disappeared across the street to his home.
The collapsed plastic sent the two children to the hospital.
Deborah Romero said that at her daughter\'s birthday party on Sunday, the children jumped in the inflatable house and suddenly began to sink.
\"We are very nervous about the children because the weather is very hot and they are stuck in the bounce house,\" she told WPEC . \".
\"We couldn\'t really reach all the kids and unfortunately we had to pull the legs of one of them.
Parents are trying to rescue about a dozen children between the ages of two and three.
Two children must be taken to the hospital, one child in distress and the other may be injured due to inspection.
YouTube has produced a video that calls waterrubaman \"Bad Neighbor\" and \"junk \".
Romero said it was not the first time her family had suffered such an incident.
During the festival, the family\'s rope on the Christmas lights outside was cut off, she said.
This caused them to install security cameras that capture their neighbors.
According to police, watluba may think he is pulling out the stereo, not the bounce house.
He lives only 500 feet away from the house where the birthday party is held.
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