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theme park secrets and horror stories

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-30
Earlier this week, a killer whale attacked a coach at SeaWorld, dragging her underwater and drawing the world\'s attention.
While this is undoubtedly an abnormal accident, the attack once again raised awareness of the unusual dangers faced by tourists and employees in the national theme park.
Some publications question whether it is appropriate to raise Humby whales in the theme park.
These creatures are obviously dangerous, but what about some of the more risky rides you find at other amusement parks?
Photo source: Thousands of people get injured from amusement park rides every year.
According to US media reportsS.
Consumer Product Safety Committee, on 2004, 4,900 people were injured in inflatable rides and 2,500 people were injured in \"mobile\" rides (
The latest data they recorded. )
In addition, there are more accidents that are likely to occur than ever before.
According to SmartMoney, accident reports are often submitted by the park itself, and it is no surprise that they have good reasons to \"underreport\" the number of accidents that occurred.
Speaking of here. . . Photo credit: Pink Sherpa photography I want to start our theme park safety tour from Action Park, which the pop mechanic calls \"the Land of Legends \".
They pointed out the circulating water slide, which was a very bad journey to the point where there was a rumor that someone had sent a crash test dummy on the slide, which was \"dismembered\" at the bottom \".
However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
I was lucky enough to visit this park when I was a child, I remember horror (and the thrill)of it.
My dad and I used to love white water rafting, although you can clearly see all the screws and sharp metal bolts that stick out on the slide.
We used to have long lines down the mountain slide, although it was very easy to take off from the mountain and land in the bloody crumpled pile at the bottom.
When the theme park closed after criticizing its safety after 90 s, we all felt our hearts sinking.
Frankly, the Action Park seems relatively gentle in the grand scheme of things. It gets worse. Much worse.
Photo source: Joe SchlabotnikIt happens more often than anyone else.
There were some glitches and unsuspecting people hanging on the roller coaster.
One of the worst stories started in 2007 when riders were knocked over by a roller coaster at a theme park in Arkansas for more than an hour.
That\'s enough to make anyone lose their lunch.
The same thing happened with the Six Flags, and someone actually made a video of passengers complaining about blood rushing into the head.
Photo source: blue headscarf photography this photo is really more dangerousin-the-
Work because it hasn\'t really happened yet.
But we like to stay ahead of these things.
Thorpe Park in the UK asks people to put their urine, not just the urine, but the \"stinking urine \". ” Why?
Because they have launched a \"maze of attractions\" based on the movies they have seen, apparently they need smelly urine to complete the experience. What the hell?
It\'s hard to imagine that even the boldest amusement park fans will want to be doused with smelly urine at the end of the ride.
In fact, bidding for urine is part of the competition.
The smelly urine will be duplicated and the smell will be incorporated into the journey.
I just vomited.
Photo source: gruntzookiOne 16-
The one-year-old fell free on a six-flag in Kentucky, known as the superhuman power tower, when a rope was loose and wrapped around her ankle.
Its power cut off her feet.
Image source: SimsWater slide house seems to be safer than other rides.
After all, how often does water hurt people?
But as SmartMoney points out, people can speed up to 25 miles an hour on some water slides, meaning landing just in the water is dangerous.
In a terrible story, a 22-year-old fell down on a water slide in a park in New Jersey, first landing in the pool, and he was paralyzed.
Apart from the fact that you should always avoid going first, the bigger problem is that the pool itself is only 3 feet deep, far less than the depth needed to absorb the impact of a person walking so fast.
Photo source: a few years ago, a man and his family rode on the sink at the Atlantic City Steel Pier amusement park.
Apparently, what was the fault, the man was \"expelled\" out of the sink, \"thrown into a cluster --glass sheet.
His family was also injured in the accident.
Image source: toddnevilleDisney World may be the most famous theme park in the World, but it still has a complicated history in terms of security, especially for employees.
Last year, several performers were killed in the park, one of whom was killed in a monorail crash.
Other employees reported the risk of injuries and exposure to wires.
On 2007, Disney filed a lawsuit with the family of a 4-year-old boy who died of a heart attack on his \"Mission: Space\" journey.
Disney\'s response was to tame the car.
From a more relaxed point of view, Disney\'s children also have other dangers-namely, sexual subconscious information and noisy teenagers exposed to their bodies on rides.
Photo source: JavierPsilocybinIt should be the safest trip in the park, but even a happy trip is risky.
According to an article in People magazine, there are cases where children die on these rides.
The \"carousel\" has those small shoulder straps and the children will fall and hang themselves.
\"Of course, this kind of event is not common, but if you ride a bike with a little child, be sure to stay close and not take your eyes off them.
Photo source: andrew_w not everyone is born to take a roller coaster, so it\'s not surprising that some people vomit after a roller coaster, but the worst thing is that passengers vomit during the ride . . . . . . And directly \"splash\" the passengers behind.
This can also cause a chain reaction, also known as barf-a-rama.
Image source: abbamoeusepular Mechanics lists five theme park rides that \"break the limits of common sense \".
\"Although these rides have been retired, in fact, they all point to the reckless nature of the theme park (
And the people who went to them. )
My personal favorite is the human slingshot tour of the midmo water park in England.
Photo source: tsakshaugIn 2008, a teenager was beheaded by a roller coaster at Six Flags in Georgia after diving into the restricted area.
Apparently he dropped his hat while riding the roller coaster earlier in the day and wanted to get it back.
A terrible waste. Photo Credit: (just me)
The theme park has a useful list of common sense that you should follow when you go to the theme park, the most important of which is to understand your health and limits.
If you have a heart attack, are having trouble standing up, or are just afraid of heights, it should all be decided that you continue to ride your bike.
On top of that, they urge you not to be too noisy, stay firmly in your seat and hold tight during the ride.
Obviously, there\'s only so much you can do.
Unless you are a mechanical engineer, you may not be able to find a faulty car at a glance.
But if you do see any cause of concern, please do not hesitate to let a waiter at the theme park know.
Although sometimes the waiter may actually be the reason why you are worried . . . . . . Photo source: phil_gIn their turn-
SmartMoney points out that from the fact that the theme park doesn\'t want you to know, many operators tend to be very young and inexperienced.
\"When an inexperienced person is operating it, even the most benign journey becomes dangerous,\" they wrote . \".
Some states currently have laws to ensure that operators have enough training, but this is not yet a general rule.
At the very least, you should make sure that employees pay attention to the ride and don\'t stare at their college textbooks and do homework.
Photo source: In this story, a lot of things in the eyes can or do get someone in hospital, but as a recent mainstream Post points out, hospitals are not always the safest either
Look at the horror story of the hospital. . . if you dare.
Photo Source: Getty Images do you or someone you know have had a bad or unusual experience in the theme park?
Let us know in the comments section!
Photo source: daoroWait!
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