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these amazing waterparks are well worth the drive; we all need a cool down in the scorching heatwave.

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-01
With the small heat waves in Coventry and Warwickshire hitting, we need to calm down whether we like it or hate it.
Not far from Coventry and Warwickshire there are some great water parks and outdoor water activity centers.
Yes, more than an hour by car-but not bymuch.
Alton tower is no longer just a theme park.
It has a huge water park.
While probably the farthest of all the water parks we \'ve picked, it\'s definitely worth it!
An hour and a half from covcan you can see you splash around and swim inside and outside.
From lazy rivers, crazy cannons to the amazing speed of the aster bl water roller coaster, everyone has something to cool down.
Although most of them are in it, it is good and there is a lot to do for the kids.
There are also outside, only open at some point in the year, so what can you find there?
Here are just the lessons you can experience to stay calm: Master Blaster-
Get ready for an explosion of water, and on this slide every turn you make around the water park will take place at an amazing speed.
Violent walk-
Slide down these two crazy turns on the high speed water slide.
Rush now is a new feature in 2018 to provide an interactive experience!
Before accelerating into the splash pool, you can choose from five music and lighting themes. Flash Floods -
This one takes you on an adventure outside of the sink.
Bring an outdoor slide before splashing into the tropical pool. Lagoona Bay -
Here, if you are not an afan in the sink, you can avoid madness, you can stay quietly under the waterfall for a while and swim gently.
Bubble Wubbly Pool
Amazing cold outdoor area.
Let the water of the pool soothe you when the outdoor steam rises.
You can find tickets and open hours here.
More slides [Pound)
36 million water park, just 45 minutes from Coventry, is one of the places for adrenaline fans.
This is for you if you want to fly to the white wave Stadium.
They also have many children.
Under the supervision of an experienced raft, you and up to 5 crew members will be at our 300 m long-
White Wave Stadium.
The session included a safety briefing and the opportunity to practice the necessary techniques on the flat water before the first Rapids fell.
White water pipe-
Their well-trained plumbing instructors will be there to support you at any time, as sitting on one of our large inflatable rings you can negotiate Whirlpool and rapids in our 300-meter whitewater course.
Children\'s splash on Sunday
From 2 every Sunday. 30pm-4.
Children\'s ages7-30 p. m-
You can learn a variety of water sports skills at the age of 16.
The goal of these days is for children who want to learn a variety of kayaking and kayaking skills in a fun and exciting way and learn through their paddle power plan.
There are five different levels of the paddle power scheme, so based on their experience and the number of times they participate, it will determine what level of paddle power they reach.
Now their crazy floating inflatable park covers an area of over 100 m and is 80 m long with climbing walls, trampoline, balance bars, rock singers, rollers, blasting bags, the biggest slide in the UK-it\'s awesome!
After more than an hour, you can explore the new stadium in the park. -
Break the Barrier--
Race against your friends and family-
Watch them completely destroy!
There are some rules before you start the course, so be sure to read them here.
The park is open seven days a week in July and August, and weekends are only open in June and September.
Stoke\'s summer weekend water world is about an hour and a quarter from Coventry and Warwickshire.
Whether you want to relax by the pool or seek excitement, you will love to stand up (
And everything else)
Stoke City Water World wet.
This indoor tropical water park has something for all ages.
Parents and older children will like to experience a rush in the dark at an exciting rate in a black hole, or endure 375 feet of the ups and downs on the nucleus.
If you want to eat more
The size introduction of the water slide has three medium sized slides, which provide a lot of fun and unique splash!
During the summer months, toddlers will love the slippery and lazy river rides.
There\'s a lot more to keep you smiling in bubble pools, Jacuzzi, rapids and assault classes ---
You don\'t want to go out!
Located in rural Warwickshire, you can enjoy an outdoor seasonal pool, a wave pool, and an interactive jungle house.
Only 10 miles from M40, easy access from the ididland highway network.
Dig from scratch to adapt to Sesitec System 2.
That means Spot-on-
Wake has been able to design a custom water body with a cable water slide.
The two main swimming pools are narrow long waters and provide a safe place for the waterslide.
Water skiing is a water sport that includes riding a water ski board on the surface of the water, so if you want ita to go, it\'s just on the road and they offer classes for beginners.
Both the beginner and the advanced swimming pool will have obstacle options of different difficulty, designed to help improve the skill of the rider.
Basic line barriers include small and large ground roll racks, manual boxes, tilt rails, and pipe rails.
You can see all the information here.
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