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this is what it looks like to ride the world\'s tallest water slide, the verruckt

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-02
The public release of Verruckt, the world\'s tallest waterslide, was delayed to solve the conveyor belt problem, but Schlitterbahn sent the first passengers on a 168 thrilling ride this week.
Germany\'s \"crazy\" Verruckt was built at the headquarters of the New Braunfels theme park and is scheduled to open in Kansas last week. , park.
Already certified by Guinness World Records as the world\'s tallest water slide, originally scheduled to open to the public last week, but the problem of transporting passengers to the top conveyor belt caused delays.
Tara Henry, a spokeswoman for the water park, said: \"The ride is good and effective, but carrying those heavy rafts up the 264 stairs is not fun for the rider . \".
Tara Henry says the conveyor belt is one. of-a-
Because \"it\'s not like we can go to Home Depot to buy that part, so the repair will be slow.
\"However, the plan indicates that the car will be open to the public by the end of July.
Jeff Henry and John Sculley designed the car, and they were the first to slow down in one of the videos.
For Seekers in Texas, Tara Henry said she was \"sure there\'s something special waiting at the new Brown falls Park \". \"(Jeff Henry)
\"I always dream of bigger, faster and higher attractions,\" she said . \".
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