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thrills and spills: terrifying water slides in america

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-18
Who said the water park was for the children?
After dropping more than 10 stories, soaring in the dark tunnel at 50 miles an hour is something most adults will think twice.
The water park has been improved over time, so their main attractions have also been improved
Water slide.
They are getting steeper and longer. . . inventive.
No matter how old you are, they will definitely make you excited.
Here are some of the scariest of these slides.
Schlitterbahn, verr ckckt-
Kansas City: something literally translated as \"crazy\" must be interesting.
This is the highest water slide in the world, about 170 feet long, higher than Niagara Falls, equivalent to two football fields.
The slides include 60 degrees of free fall on the raft, etc.
You need to book a location in order to run down this supermarket
Decline as demand grows. Wildebeest -
Holiday World and eye-catching Wildlife Park: This Water thriller is located in Santa Claus, Indiana, and was named the best in the United States last year.
This is the first rocket roller coaster in the park. It can take a boat (
Capacity of 4 people)
Through a four-story gap, several underground tunnels, Seven Hills and a spiral passage.
It will numb your senses.
Hanging and screaming snake
Galveston, Texas is home to the water park, where there are two dueling slides.
The cliffhanger plane takes passengers to 80 feet free fall, and the screaming giant snake is the first immersive ride experience in the park.
The slides have special effects that provide a more engaging experience, and when you speed up on your journey, you are blown away by sound, lighting, and fog effects. Black Dragon Fish-
Noah\'s Ark: a mix of slides and roller coasters in Wisconsin, USA.
It\'s one of the longest roller coasters in the world, and jet technology will allow you to glide along a twisted snake body.
The mesh ceiling is meant to protect you, but on this amazing slide, be prepared for a very thrilling and bumpy journey. Bomb Bay -
Wet\' n Wild: This slide is located in Orlando, Florida, and its name comes from the bomb cabin on a military aircraft.
This slide releases humans, and they release bombs.
When the riders walked into the air-tight room, the floor suddenly dropped, and the feeling of almost vertical dropped by 76. The story of Scorpio
Noah\'s Ark: in the same park as the black water dragon fish, this is another exciting journey, and the floor allows people to drop 10 floors at a speed of 50 feet. per sec. .
They are then fired through a high-speed loop.
Your senses will have a hard time understanding what\'s going on in this fast paced journey, and suddenly you splash water on the bottom.
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