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tighten safety belts at pools & city beaches

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-04
The next time you plan to send your child to the pool, think about how many people the BMC needs to drown to death to support the emergency unit.
Seven people drowning-year-
Old Kasim Siddiqui of Shahaji Raje Bhosale sports complex swimming pool in Andheri, these places are surrounded by safe surface membranes that have been fully opened.
This is not the first shock in Mumbai.
In the past two years, a series of such cases have appeared on news paper and TV screens.
When every tragic drowning event unfolded, everyone sat numb.
Everyone agrees that something needs to be done immediately.
In addition to the civil authoritiesso-contented BMC.
Despite the population exploding at the seams, big cities, known for their strict security controls, are losing face.
No, I\'m not overreacting.
Think of it.
Every summer, many children go to the swimming pool as the holidays approach.
What are the safety requirements for children? Vigilant coaches and lifeguards are these small necessities, and if the number of accidents rises, citizens are required to be able to cut down trees and widen their roads.
Okay, no problem.
Safety first.
Imagine the sports complex in Andheri with no indoor pool
Medical facilities.
The lifeguards and coaches who work there are not very good. Training in life
Preservation and rescue skills of certification bodies.
The death of Kasim shows that there are no basic safety devices in the swimming pool, such as oxygen cylinders with masks, lifeguards, lifeguards and light poles.
Surprisingly, the pool was reopened without permission from the authorities!
Moreover, in such a great and avoidable disaster, human negligence is unforgivable.
Now let\'s talk about the beach in this city.
If I say they are more than lifeguards, don\'t be panting.
Versova beach has five lifeguards and Aksa has eight lifeguards, and the safety on the beach is well below the priorities of the civic authorities.
Last year, in three months, there were 20 drowning incidents in Aksa, Gorai, Juhu and Versova.
But our divine rulers seem to be a bit too slow to learn, and there is no move to upgrade the lifeguard\'s equipment, which can use basic ropes and tires.
For example, Juhu beach has about seven lifeguards, four kilometers long.
If that\'s not enough, beaches like Madh and Manori are largely deserted.
There are points and-points galore.
Most people, including activists, blame BMC and police directly.
Yes, police stations on some beaches have been vacant for many years without patrolling.
The Beach did not have the equipment to deal with the crisis, nor did it have a speedboat and siren to warn people of high tide.
Moreover, not everyone can go to the swimming pool.
The beach is a great choice.
With no knowledge of the dangerous spots on the beach, the number of casualties was the highest.
Officials say BMC will seek help from an expert coach to raise safety standards in its swimming pool.
What a thoughtful Ah, as if by the death of Kassem shocked out of the sleeping indifference!
If security is marked as death in order to take decisive action, the Andheri pool and another pool in Mulund have opened a week ago.
Due to the bad monsoon, BMC closed six swimming pools after the water crisis.
Ironically, it drowned as soon as it opened. No more words.
It\'s time for BMC to take action. Pronto.
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