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Tips and Tricks About Cleaning Air Ducts & Vents

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-27
Is the air clean in your house?When we were at home, we were all breathing the air and most people were not sure how clean the air was in their home.Just like the air outside your home has several pollutants and pollutants, the air inside your home also has several pollutants.So if the air you breathe is filled with contaminants, the health risk will multiply.
You will be prone to a variety of respiratory diseases that will worsen further and appear in the form of allergies, asthma, persistent cough, nausea, headaches and even fatigue.The root cause of these diseases is that contaminants enter your home because your air duct or HVAC system is dirty.Contaminants in air ducts or ventilation systems are present in different forms such as fungi, molds, allergens and bacteria.
Allergens such as pollen, dust and pet dandruff are very common and can enter your home\'s HVAC system, which will cycle it directly into the air you breathe.This situation will lead to higher health risks and have a negative impact on long-term healthterm basis.According to the American College of Allergy, almost 50% of the disease is caused by improper ventilation and cleaning.
Therefore, it is important to clean the HVAC system regularly.This is not only the health angle discussed here, but the clean duct system will provide higher performance compared to the dirty system.Efficient operation of air ducts or HVAC systems will help reduce energy consumption.
Cleaner duct systems have longer service life and fewer technical problems.So there are more advantages to having a clean HVAC system, except that it can keep the air in your home cleaner.Ventilation cleaning is necessary and needs to be carried out on a regular basis.
Industry standards suggest that you should have experts check your air ducts and vents every 2 years and every 5-7 years.Of course, it doesn\'t hurt to start the ventilation cleaning process every 3-14 years, but it all depends on the conditions in your home.On the other hand, NADCA or the national air duct cleaner Association does not recommend any specific time frame for air duct cleaning.
According to them, when homeowners feel the need and outline certain factors that lead to frequent ventilation cleaning, duct cleaning should be initiated by them. also recommends cleaning the air duct before checking in to your new home.The most effective way to clean the air duct is to use the source cleaning method.
As part of this approach, using a powerful vacuum cleaner, it can suck in air with dirt from your air duct and ventilation system.There are certain devices, such as brushes, Captain balls, and gas whips, inserted into the air duct to remove any dirt or debris stuck to the surface inside the ventilation system.You can choose a pipe cleaning contractor, an expert in ventilation pipe cleaning, capable of cleaning pipes, registers, pipe works and blower motors.
These professional vent cleaning specialists also use vacuum cleaners installed on trucks that can be cleaned according to NADCA standards.The vacuum cleaner installed on the truck is a very powerful cleaner.You need to be careful when hiring a duct cleaning contractor.
You can start with a few contractors who will check your duct and ventilation system and then provide you with their best offer.Before providing you with a cleaning solution, you need to make sure that the duct cleaning contractor visually checks the various components of the duct and HVAC system.If you hire a NADCA contractor then you will be assured that your ventilation cleaning process will be based on the NADCA guidelines.
Check the permit of the ventilation cleaning company and request at least 3 references.Last but not least.Don\'t hire the person who will give you the lowest price as this will result in insufficient cleaning
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