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tips for a great fourth of july barbecue

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-27
This is a classic summer event: barbecue on July 4.
With the right decor, menu and outdoor inflatable rental fun, you can create a celebration that will make your guests unforgettable for the rest of your life.
Starting with the patriotic theme, there is no need to elaborate.
There are a few red, white and blue creases on the table, plus paper trays and napkins with flags on them and you\'re done.
The center of the red, white and blue flowers adds a nice accent.
You can even wrap trees in red, white and blue Christmas lights.
You can even encourage guests to wear red, white and blue to further enhance the color theme!
The right choice for music can really add themes.
Traditional Sousa parades or songs such as the \"big old flag\" are good options.
If you think this option might be a bit tedious for the audience, many pop stars have patriotic songs like Jimmy Hendricks\'s interpretation of the stars
Neil Diamond\'s America, or Lee Greenwood\'s God Bless America.
Just because most of the parties in July 4 are barbecues doesn\'t mean the menu has to be limited to burgers and hot dogs.
Almost all meats or fish have a good roast taste, and all kinds of vegetables from mushrooms to corn sticks can be cooked outdoors.
List all the burgers and hot dog fixtures you can think.
Refill the fixture with a cool side dish, but nothing will deteriorate as the temperature rises.
Potato salad, coleslaw, fruit salad and watermelon slices are all good choices.
For the desert, ice cream in red, white and blue or cake with appropriate color icing is the holiday option.
Of course, nothing is more American than apple pie.
Be sure to prepare plenty of drinks including soda, iced tea and bottled water.
Buy a few more boxes once you think you have enough drinks on hand!
Drinks will soon disappear in the hot summer.
Even if you plan the fireworks, plan a lot of activities, there will be a lot of time to kill before dark, so there are all kinds of interesting things to get everyone occupied.
An interesting party event that is becoming more and more popular is the outdoor inflatable rental!
While these look like they are for kids, inflatable slides and inflatable handicap classes are very interesting for people of all ages.
To really get the party moving, organize competitions and prizes around the outdoor inflatable rental and watch the energy level rise.
Place an outdoor inflatable rental in the yard so there won\'t be any area to get all the traffic.
Rent a few different attractions if possible so you can attract a wide range of interests.
Outdoor inflatable rentals in red, white and blue are requested according to your theme.
To make these magnificent props even more impressive, set up decorations around them, such as flags or tables decorated with ribbons.
Your guests may be invited to many of the celebrations of July 4 to make your guests not want to miss them and look forward to attending year after year.
With a little planning and creativity, you can avoid traditional boring parties and create a festive atmosphere that guests will remember in the next few years!
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