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tips for saving money on your energy bills

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-30
So far, we all know that there are a few simple steps that can help us reduce our energy consumption, such as replacing old-fashioned bulbs with CFLs and making sure we don\'t leave the computer, they are on standby when we don\'t use TV and gadgets.
As the cold months approach, gas and electricity will also rise, and let\'s look at five more ways to help reduce our energy consumption and make it easier to manage to pay bills.
By knowing how many of your appliances are used to solve high electricity bills, you can save, that is, find out which gadgets and appliances in your home use the most energy, and then limit their use, or put them in a lower setting.
In general, anything that heats up water or generates heat uses a lot of energy, but people are often surprised by which devices are the biggest energy consumption.
An electric shower can use 8 units of electricity per hour, which means that it may take 50 degrees Celsius for two morning showers.
A tumble dryer can take 60 degrees Celsius to dry a pile of clothes.
Power Monitor is a great way to know in real time how much electricity your home uses.
The electricity bill for most power stores is less than 40 euros and can even show the total amount of your electricity bill.
The manufacturer claims that once you have this knowledge, you will save 10 PCs or more on your bill.
2 Upgrade your heating control typical home can save heating and hot water costs up to 20 pc by installing easy-to-
Use heating controls at home and use them effectively.
The heating control includes a radiator valve that adjusts the heat entering the radiator, a thermostat that controls the temperature of the stored hot water, and a heating timer that helps match your lifestyle to your heating needs.
SEAI also offers a grant for heating control.
3 Use of grants to improve household efficiency better insulated households use less energy, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)
Grants are still being provided for loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, dry lining and exterior wall insulation. Log on to www. seai.
More details. 4 Draught-
Sometimes simple and cheap measures can be of great benefit.
A good lag jacket will pay for itself quickly and can reduce the cost of hot water up to 30 pc.
The chimney balloon is a cheap inflatable mat that handles large home checkers by plugging the fireplace when not in use. Draught-
Proofing is one of the most effective and cheapest ways to save energy and money.
Checkers appear when there are gaps in your building, or gaps in doors, mailboxes, key holes, windows and hanging floors. Much draught-
Homeowners can make proofing with cheap materials.
Please consult local DIY experts for details.
5 The average distribution of your energy expenditures throughout the year all energy companies recognize that after the big freeze last winter, big winter bills can be difficult to pay, and now there are thousands of families in arrears.
Because the bills change with the seasons and the revenue usually doesn\'t change, energy companies now allow customers to split payments evenly throughout the year.
For example, ESB Electric Ireland will look at your consumption and calculate the amount you can pay each month so that at the end of the year you will more or less break even.
They will also check your usage every four months and may adjust your monthly payments to better reflect your consumption.
If paying a certain amount for your gas and electricity every month helps your budget, call your supplier and discuss the monthly payment plan with them.
In such a plan, ordinary families can pay about 80 euros a month for electricity bills.
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