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top 14 new water parks for 2014

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-13
It seems that 2014 of people will be a great year for water park enthusiasts around the world, as many new parks full of body slides plan to build wave pools and drifting rivers in the United States, Europe and Asia.
Photo: Best new water park in 2014 considers this a tentative and smooth list of new water attractions in domestic and international water parks.
As usual, some projects may be delayed and new projects may be announced.
Since it\'s still too early, with the announcement of the new project, I will update my top 14 in the coming months.
Before that, here is the list of the most anticipated water parks I have listed for 2018:1)
Corpus Christi (Texas)-
Midwest water park chain plans to cost $500
Million resort with Rapids River, surf simulator, swimming-
Other Schlitterbahn parks feature bars and other attractions. 2)Lotte World (South Korea)-A $22-
The million contract with WhiteWater West will introduce the Duel Master Blaster water roller coaster and AquaLoop reverse cycle slide, as well as the rattlesnakes, Python, wiggle ango, abyss of Canadian companies
The new water park will also include two wave pools, a surf simulator and a water game structure. 3)Atlantis (China)-
Latest Water Resort-park-
The central hotel chain will include water slides, torrent rides, a lazy river and an aquarium.
The Atlanta water park in Dubai and the Bahamas features a central temple icon with a pipeline slide through the sealife-filled pools. 4)Mt. Olympus (Wisconsin)-
Wisconsin Dells theme park plans to be 65,000-square-
Foot Medusa indoor water park is the second largest indoor water park in the United States.
The nearby outdoor waterpark in Poseidon offers 9-foot-
There is a high expansion every 90 seconds. 5)
Las Vegas Scarborough Bay (Nevada)-The $23-
The million water park in the suburbs of Henderson will feature a beach theme of 1950 seconds and 60 seconds.
Polin will provide many slides including the world\'s first surf safari
The shape of the bowl, as well as a unique uphill ending pad racing slide. 6)
Hawaii falls (Texas)-
The newest member of the Hawaiian Falls chain, $21. 5-
The Million Water Adventure Park in Pflugerville, a suburb of Austin, will be equipped with pipes, body and speed slides, as well as zippers, obstacles and climbing structures. 7)
Plopsaland in Panne (Belgium)-
New $21 theme park. 7-
Million PlopsaAqua indoor water park will be themed with the star of Germany Vicky Viking
Austrian television cartoons and a series of live broadcastsaction films. 8)
Six Flags Over Georgia
The amusement park in the western suburbs of Atlanta plans to add a Caribbean-themed Hurricane Harbor water park to the land currently occupied by the South Star Amphitheater.
The Six Flags newspaper says the new park will feature two of the world\'s first exciting slides. 9)
Warner Park, Madrid (Spain)-The $11. 5-
Million water park of Warner Brothers
The theme park in the southeast of the Spanish capital will be themed with Rooney\'s tunes, fl stone and Scooby. Doo characters.
The water park will be constructed in two phases, with wave pools, water playgrounds and lazy rivers open in 2014, followed by a series of water slides. 10)
Corsica Water Adventure Park (Texas)-
About an hour south of Dallas, new $9-
The million water park will have the water park reverse cycle slide, the Python slide in WhiteWater West and the fixed wave machine, while the adventure park will include zip lines and other attractions. 11)
Wolf Inn (Massachusetts)-
Latest addition of water-park-
The central hotel chain will include wave pools, lazy rivers and water rides.
Center 68,000-square-
The tornado funnel slide in Huolin will become an indoor water park. New England-
The alsolville area hotel offers multi-level rope courses and interactive wand games. 12)
Kingdom of Kentucky-
The Louisville amusement park, which is scheduled to reopen in 2014, is required to double the area of Hurricane Bay water park. A high-
Speed Adventure River, six
Lane mat racing slides and wave pools will be one of the eight new attractions planned for $10. 5-
Million expansion of water park.
Hurricane Bay added a flood roller coaster before the Kentucky Kingdom closed in 2009. 13)Phantasialand (Germany)-
Located in the southern suburbs of Cologne, the park, known for its complex theme environment, will add a water park as a park that includes 6,000-
Seats in the theater and several hotels. 14)Isla Magica (Spain)-
Sevilla theme park will add $6. 5-
Millions of water parks with wave pools and slides.
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