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top #20 best beaches in south america

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-02
We all know the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean Sea and the majestic islands of the Mediterranean Sea, but South America has proven to be the preferred destination for those looking for the best view.
Today, let\'s take a look at the top 20 beaches in South America.
Make sure you don\'t miss 17, 13, 3 and 1!
They are incredible! 20.
San Andres, Colombia: by you, the number of things in San Andres is amazing!
Swim, sunbathe, snorkel, and even scuba diving. You name it.
Also, don\'t forget to save some time for shopping: on-duty service in San Andresfree shopping!
Photo: provided by South American backpackers. The best time to visit San Andres is during the dry season (January-April).
It is not difficult to get there, but it is not easy because it is an island.
There are many flights to take you there.
Keep in mind, however, that many cruise lines stay in San Andres to allow passengers to enjoy the beach and shop. 19.
Venezumedina, VenezuelaPhoto: provided by the flight network, because it is basically not affected by the outside world, it is easy to feel like a drift here. The good news?
You don\'t even mind.
Tuya, a paradise provided by Venezuela, is located in the North-
Eastern Venezuela.
You can get there by plane from Caracas, a 10-
One hour drive along the coast to Playa Medina. 18.
Playa Blanca, ColombiaPhoto: Provided by PriceTravelNo, this photo is not ps!
This is the green water of Playa Blanca in real life.
However, this is not a better choice for you if you are looking for a quiet, peaceful beach.
Photo: available for booking.
ComPlaya Blanca is located in Baru Island, just a few steps from Cartagena.
There you can easily find sunbeds, beach bars (
Massage! )
Tip: The South is the best way to stay away from the hustle and bustle. 17.
Laguna Torre, Argentina: the services provided by national geographer Patagonia are more than just icebergs and mountains.
Laguna Torre in El chalt én is worth a visit just to enjoy the view.
Photo: Provided by Sin MordazaThere
Miles on foot to the beach, which opens up the spectacular view of Cerro Torre, a beautiful iceGlass Hill. 16.
Image source: the Smithsonian Museum, Malani Heath National Park, consists of thousands of spectacular blue lagoons formed by heavy rain in the Amazon.
Photo: Tourists usually live in Atins, a village less than a mile from the park, and the Atlantic Ocean, an ideal resort. 15.
Anakena beach, Chile: provided by national geographer. Anakena beach on the Chilean island of Easter Festival is the only beach on the island open for swimming, making it a very attractive place.
Picture: Amazing White provided by Easter festival island visitors-
The beach is home to eight iconic Moes, famous for the rapanoui people. 14.
Image source: viajes Oceanic 2000 Cabo Polonio is a hippie-
Located on the Atlantic coast of Uruguay.
For those who want to integrate with nature, this is an ideal destination.
Image: Provided by Latin America-WordPress.
The town has neither electricity nor tap water, but visitors can enjoy the beach, the sun and local cuisine. 13.
Baia do Sancho, Brazil: provided by national geographer. Crystal water, velvet sand and sparkling waterfalls make baia do Sancho a postcard --worthy sight.
Picture: Isla local tourists can even see the jumping dolphins in the deep blue waters.
However, it is so hidden that visitors can only enter through a series of steep ladders. 12.
Figure: The birthplace of wave is provided by the National geographer-
One of the only five surf reserves in the world.
This is a great place to surf, especially in caballitos de totora.
Image: Provided by Periplo Andino. Caballitos is a beautiful boat woven from the local Torah river reed, not a surfboard. 11.
Galibi, SurinamePhoto: by national GeographicGalibi is the village of Ameridian in the countryside of Suriname, with olive-colored phosphorus and the sand slowly excavated and laid out by the annual spinners.
Photo: PrinterestIt is the perfect place to enjoy tropical weather while discovering its wonderful fauna. 10.
Isla del Sol, BoliviaPhoto: The national geographer Lake Titicaca in Bolivia is the highest navigable lake in the world at an altitude of 12,500.
Isla del Sol is the largest of the 41 islands of the lake, known as the birthplace of the Inca sun god.
Photo: Provided by El pais BoliviaThe island, it is also the best place to watch the sunset after snowcapped Andes. 9.
Photo of Punta del Este, Uruguay: Although it is crowded in summer, Punta del Este is essentialsee of Uruguay.
Known as the Pearl of the Atlantic Ocean, it is one of the most popular attractions in the country.
Photo Source: International Hotel Punta del Este
The beach and lively city life make it a perfect resort.
The famous sculpture of one hand rising from the beach is its highlight.
However, the next one on our list is a tough competitor. 8.
Peruroja, PeruPhoto: provided by national geographer translator Roja, translated into Red Beach, is an amazing location made up of jagged yellow cliffs.
This is home to flamingos, sea lions, penguins and prehistoric geographical symbols, what else can you ask?
Photo: The Crimson sand provided by Wikipedia is made of pink granite, a rock formed by solidified magma that makes it unique. 7.
Rosario Islands, ColombiaPhoto: the services provided by the National geographer Rosario Islands is an ideal place for children of all ages to build sandcastles, kayaks and live exotic fish
Photo: Nock Ridge Island, a service provided by sail, is also popular as more than 1,300 different species of aquatic animals and plants can be observed. 6.
Shell Beach in GuyanaPhoto: provided by national geographer, Shell Beach is covered by 90 miles of palm
There are many spectacular species, such as four different endangered sea turtles.
Not only that, but visitors can also see the Jaguar, the sea cow, the roaring monkey, the Zhu red ibis, and even the Dolphins. 5.
Punta Tombo, Argentina: according to the national geographer, Punta Tombo does not have palm trees and tiki drinks, but do you know what it has?
Millions of cute Magellan penguins
The picture is provided by Patagonia.
In November, they could see hundreds of furry penguin chicks joining waddle. 4.
Tortuga Bay, Ecuador: national geographer Tortuga Bay, part of the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, is a great location for visitors to see black sea turtles
There are more sharks in their natural habitat.
Photo: A bold trip is also a great place to relax, kayak and sunbathe. 3.
Valparaiso, Chile: provided by a national geographer. The coastal city of Valparaiso is an amazing area inspired by its beautiful beaches and turquoise waters
Photo: TravelIt Chile is home to more than 30 different beaches, so you will never get bored and will definitely visit more than once. 2.
Cabinba du Padri Beach, Brazil.
You will definitely find a place in Cacimba do Padre that you can visit again and again.
Many adventures await!
Snorkeling, swimming, hiking, surfing and more are all possible.
However, this is an ideal place for you even if you want to rent an umbrella to rest.
Photo: Provided by CSG Centre for Justice, in the awesome features provided by this beach you can find the crystal-
Clear water, slippery sand, shells and famous two brothers and rocks. 1.
San Juan Cabo, Colombia: provided by national geographer San Juan, it is a paradise beach located in the heart of Columbia\'s limrona National Park, which means long hiking or horseback riding
You can enjoy this beach waiting to ride before.
But believe us, our efforts are worth it.
Picture: Medellin guru Park is a treasure for those who like to be surrounded by nature and wildlife sightseeing.
However, even if you are not a person who likes animals, you will still like this place.
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