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top 5 inflatable tents to make a white themed wedding party

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-27
Are you going to get married this year?
Would you like to have a white themed wedding party?
If so, I would suggest you consider a white inflatable tent.
These tents are suitable for different occasions, but people mainly use them to hold parties or various celebrations.
I will show you five inflatable tents that are perfect for a wedding.
In addition, there will be many useful tips on how to decorate these tents, how to arrange such parties, etc. 1.
The first white inflatable tent is a tent that you need to consider for your white themed wedding party.
The design of this tent is very modern, very convenient to use, and there is enough space for guests to use.
That\'s why many people around the world use such tents at weddings.
Wedding invitations in white.
A modern twist of traditional wedding stationery is to match White with fresh green.
Add green padding to the envelope, or even better, a surprise element to the image of the Green Apple.
Choose calligraphy or letterpress printing for your printingworld charm.
Use a card printed with a garden theme to bring nature to the numbers on the table. 2.
Large inflatable white event tent in cube shape the next tent you should consider is the cube white tent.
Many people use this stunning white tent to organize a variety of activities, such as wedding banquets, promotions, exhibitions, etc.
The form of the cube is also very modern as it has walls and air bags 1 m thick.
Decorate the tent with a white bridal bouquet.
The white bridal bouquet is always classical and elegant, and it is very modern to maintain a single color. 3.
If you\'re planning a small wedding, this dome tent is a great choice for some.
It is made of pvc tarp, it is UV-
Flame Resistant
Flame retardant, also waterproof.
Another advantage of this tent is the interesting shape.
Hang the cocktail lights and decorations from the overhead grid.
White paper lanterns, flower balls or woven bamboo balls look great and provide soft lighting.
Use Hydrangea and vintage Rose as an avant-garde and romantic center on the oval table. 4.
This huge dome tent is the perfect choice for a big wedding party.
In this amazing tent, you can host more than 100 guests.
Your guests will be happy and comfortable.
Its size is not a problem.
You only need 5-
Inflate this big tent for 10 minutes.
Black and White is a bold statement, even for dessert, to reinforce the decor.
Combine a vanilla cake decorated with sugar flowers with black and white candy and candy. 5.
This tent provides complete protection from bad weather.
The air can be kept in the tent for several months.
Arrange a white drink label in such a tent.
For example, a drink is usually served with ribbons and cloth and a can of flavored water.
Cans can be served, lemonade, iced tea, sangria, etc.
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