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top playgrounds to try in metro vancouver

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-19
We asked readers where the best parks in the area were and took our panel of experts to review some of them.
Richmond and III
The city seems to be a hot spot for the destination playground, and several of the latest playgrounds including Noble Port Lam Lion Park and high Qualin Queenstown will welcome millions of visitors
The price of dollars.
Richmond Terra Nova, which opened last year, also broke millions. dollar mark.
According to the reader\'s recommendation, there are some top parks around the city. -----
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If using a handheld device, tap the image above and slide. -----
Hotel Address: 3415 Queensland Avenue
, Gao Guilin bathroom: Single portable toiletries Fountain: noapkin: Limited street parking traffic: novisability visibility: goodebsite learn more is one of the latest subways in Vancouver, opened at the end of April.
It is built on steep hillsides and there are many ways to climb up and go, including spider webs, a rope that can be grasped and good old ones --
Old stairs.
Three before arriving at the park. year-
Lao Wang asked, \"is the mountain a volcano?
I hope this is not a volcano.
But I like climbing mountains.
\"The best way to get down is on a very fast metal slide.
On a Monday morning, there were 40 children in the park, all shouting at the top of the slide.
One of our team membersyear-
Old, knocked down by a bigger child, he was pushed to the front of the team.
It would be nice to put more than one slide on this magical mountain.
\"I like to climb the rope up and down from the big, big slide as it goes fast,\" one of our reviewers, Tessa 5.
There are three play areas: a smaller structure suitable for young children, a more challenging structure with a climbing wall, fire poles and quite large slides, and the main on the hillside
The surface of the game is made of recycled tires, which minimizes the risk of grip and damage.
Game equipment is fun, whimsical and makes a good balance between safety and challenging things for kids.
There is also a basketball/Football/floor hockey area.
Gao Guilin Council funded 1-
By developing the million park, it is very popular with the locals.
But there are also some negligence.
No shade, a concern for some mothers with little babies, no water dispenser, only one portable toilet.
It is set as a park for locals, not a destination, with the only parking spot on the shoulders of narrow alleys. —
Address: 2340 River Road, Vancouver San Terra Nova adventure game environment.
, Richmond bathroom: three portable toilets, with 4 stars planned to install permanent bathroom NoYesNoGoodYes in 5 Terra Nova, which is different from any other gaming area of the Vancouver Metro, considering its size and the quality of the game equipment.
This position is only drop-
Dead Gorgeous, farming/wetland area along the Richmond dam.
It has vast skies, rolling grasslands and magnificent views of the Fraser River.
Terra Nova is divided into two areas: Home (
Old site of the farm)
And the paddock.
There are many large and leafy trees in the homestead, and there are many shade trees.
This is an iconic feature of the park: 10-
There is a central rope ladder and a tall tree house with a spiral edge.
The game equipment is mainly composed of wood and ropes, and there are a lot of spider webs and other interesting things to compete.
One of the things that this park brings to mind right away is the degree of integration of equipment with the natural environment.
The paddock has a zip line in series, a large slide, swing and grass maze built on the hillside.
Older children aged 5 and over will get the most out of Terra Nova as they can make the most of things like towers.
The children were attracted by swings and small slides, which were also attracted to the pond, chasing dragonflies and trying to find frogs. Two-year-
When the plane flew overhead, the old Xia Yan was very excited.
Swing lover Xia Yan also likes this small-
The child swings in the shade.
Terra Nova has two main disadvantages.
The only bathroom has three (
As of earlier this week)
Portable toilet
The rustic nature of the park means the kids are likely to get dirty, there is no real place to clean them up, or even wash their hands, so, bring a wet towel if you\'re planning a picnic.
Richmond is looking for a contractor to build a permanent bathroom but this is a challenge as the park is too far from the sewer and the septic tank is not an option due to the high water level, said Kevin Connery, Richmond Park planner.
Secondly, Terra Nova is quite remote and a bit hard to find for metro residents who don\'t live in Richmond or South Vancouver.
That is to say, it is worth a day\'s trip.
There are plenty of picnic tables and other things to do, including exploring the surrounding wetlands, biking or walking along the dam. —
Tara Kaman, Lion Road, Sun2300, Vancouver, new washroom in coguigang, Bus Limited has 4 1/2 stars in 5 newly renovated parks to easily reach, as witnessed last Monday afternoon.
Kids on the beach
The mining era will take countless hours.
Layered sandbox set on natural rocks, beaches-
Like the settings, flow along the downhill trough with pumped water.
One of my three. year-
The old tester Elise Irwin did not want to leave and had to be carried away, waving her arms and holding her wet shoes in her hand.
If your child is less than 6 years old, go to crocs because the sandbox is a huge attraction and their feet will definitely get wet.
The tall slide is a quick chute for old tykes, while the zip line is drawn for all ages: short enough for preschool children to use it on their own, though fast enough for teenagers to queue up for more.
There are two slides, music wind chimes, climbing equipment and swings on the playground, and the base is rubber and elastic (
Wheelchair accessible. Five-year-
Old Park expert Andrew Lin spends most of his time digging and playing with water in a sandbox.
\"I like the sandbox and the zip line, but I play more in the sandbox,\" he said . \".
The water park section is under construction until June 29 when the new spray feature will be put into use by Canada Day.
This is $1 once open and construction is completed. 2-
Million renovated park will easily become one of the best parks in the subway.
What are the disadvantages of this place? It gets busy. —
6620 Garden City Road Katya Holloway, Sun City, Vancouver.
YesYesGood YesRating: 4 stars out of 5 garden cities is a well thought out park with something for everyone.
Like Terra Nova, it emphasizes incorporating natural elements into the game.
One of the main features is the shallow creek, which provides food by fountains, and through the park, children can play and manipulate in the park. Two-year-
It took the old summer half an hour to pour a cup from the fountain and pour the water into the stream.
She eventually had to be towed away.
Parents note: waterproof shoes and changing clothes are necessary, especially when the weather is hot.
Sand can also be dug around the creek, so bring buckets and shovels.
There\'s a lot more to keep the older kids busy, including a web of cobwebs leading to a crow\'s nest with huge slides, and a higher spider web, a slide built on a hillside.
There are basketball, tennis and skateboarding areas.
The surroundings are also beautiful, with many shade trees, picnic tables, lakes and botanical gardens, and trees along the Pacific coast. —
Sun1318 Tara Kaman, Cartwright Street, Vancouver.
Granville Island flush toilets are located on Granville Island. Yes, good trees in the suburbs of spray park, 4 out of 5 stars, known as the largest free water park in North America, kids
Avoid geysers, explore the pipes, take water slides, or splash around in puddles on concrete floors (
Crocs or water socks are recommended).
Although it is busy, the visibility is good and there are a lot of spray features and the kids have room to run.
There is also a picnic on the grass and a clean bathroom in the community center.
Definitely a great place to relax.
Note: The child must be three years oldfoot-
Use six of the waterslide. 1 St. & 3 Ave.
, New Westminster washroom parking 4 stars in 5 Queen\'s parks in New Westminster is one
Go to the nearby park.
The rainbow Playground is located in the center of the park. There are two amusement parks next to the water park and the pet zoo.
Surrounded by plenty of trees and green spaces, the area provides plenty of shade for parents and children.
A playground is designed for toddlers, with a truck for kids to climb in, teeter tot and many swings.
There is a sandbox around the playground with metal shovels.
The next playground is a big tree house with two steep ladders that are more suitable for older children.
My twin daughters Celeste and Coco Yuen are 5 years old and they are the perfect age.
Straight line sliding speed is quite fast, there are two
Feet drop at the bottom.
I saw the children slide so fast that they were running after they slipped down.
\"I like this huge slide because it\'s very fast,\" Celeste said after going through several declines . \".
The other side is a spiral slide, which Coco likes very much.
\"I like the rocking slide. I like the whole playground.
\"I like everything,\" Coco said . \".
There is a rope climbing structure on the playground with two recliners in it.
My child is still very young and has no confidence to climb up.
An older girl plays catch ball with her father at the top of the building.
The two playgrounds provide a diverse gaming environment for children of all ages. —
Mark Yuen, Victoria Avenue, Sun3300, Vancouver, ververflush toilet in the community center. Yes, the commercial/Broadway light rail station is about 7-
5 minutes walk from park to John Hendry Park-
More famous is Trout Lake Park.
It is home to a relatively new community center and two amusement parks on both sides of the lake.
Old on the southeast edge of the lake, close to franchise stalls and public restrooms.
The new one sits between the lake and the community center, which means that if the kids are tired of the playground, there are always ducks to watch and often find indoor gyms.
But the last time
Sand Filling pit (
An old sailing boat is done, it often turns into an imaginary pirate ship)
A big spider web, a few swings, a pair of slides and a playroom are unlikely to get bored by anyone.
On a recent Saturday night, families had a picnic on the grass around the playground.
Several parents are making reggae music, while six children climb to the top of a tall snow pine tree and another group of children play tag on the grass.
Playground tester Celia and Felix Wang (ages 5 and 3)
Say sandpit-
Water features attached-
It is the highlight of the playground.
But riding a bike by the lake is the second way.
There are also wooden walks to explore, beaches at the end of Hunan, and beautiful views of the mountains.
If you go on a Saturday morning, there are a lot of goodies on the Trout Lake Farmers Market (
But parking is a problem). —
Amy O\'Brien, Wellington Avenue, 250 Sun, Vancouver.
Yes, Bernaby yes, flush toilet yes, yes, there are a lot of buses along the nearby Hastings Street, but on this playground 4 of the 5 stars are
When the testers Celia and Felix Wang first saw the slides, the swivel barrel seats, the spray park, and all the other structures and installations, they were briefly silent when dealing with all of them
Then they ran away screaming excitedly.
The biggest draw is fast.
They hang on the web of spiders and scale like monkeys.
The gentle slope and the surface of the rubber make large and expand-
It feels warm to leave the playground.
The two children sitting on the scooter were up and down the slope around the playground, while the parents sat in the shade of a picnic blanket to relax.
The background is incredible mountain view.
A pair of determined Crows stole our leftovers and cookies from another family and almost ruined the fun, but the kids were not worried.
Getting Celia and Felix out of the park is a difficult thing and it promises to be back soon. —
Amy o\'brianother\'s top playground, picksRocky Point Park: many family destination parks with outdoor swimming pools, playgrounds and water trails are popular with pickers.
The biggest highlight for most kids is its wonderful spray park, which provides plenty of nozzles for kids of all ages. 2800-
Murray Street, Port Moody. A new all-
Access playground for children with special needs, encourage inclusive play with rubber surfaces dotted with stars, disc swings, roller slides and multiple wheelchairs
Accessible ramp.
Not only is there a great spray park at 12440 Blackhead Road, Richmond wood, but it\'s right next to a large playground of all ages --
Suitable equipment.
When parents are ready to change, attract children to ride a bike in Lake Lafarge.
Other attractions include skate park, beach volleyball, tennis courts and basketball courts.
1299 Pinetree Way, Gao Guilin.
There is an updated play area that can do a lot for toddlers and big kids.
In addition, there is a large water park, wading pool and Picnic Point.
King Albert Avenue 975
This new highlight-
The renovated waterfront park is a huge pirate ship, but there is also a whimsical water park.
17 Street West Vancouver. -----
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If using a handheld device, tap the image above and slide. -----
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