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tropical islands is the german holiday resort where it’s summer all year round and your kids will love their water park

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-15
When we head for the cool months, you may think of the sun destination for the winter months, not the water park.
But in Germany, there is an indoor water park that is summer all year round.
If you want to get back the feeling of summer without taking a long flight, this is perfect.
The tropical island is a huge resort, about an hour\'s drive south of Berlin.
Its star attraction is a dome building known as the Tropical World, which is kept warm at 26C all year round.
Inside, there is a huge water world between the tropical ocean and the lagoon.
The tropical ocean is essentially an artificial coastline with sun loungers on the beach.
On a sunny day, due to \"UV-
\"Transparent film\" covering the south side of the dome \".
The size of the sea is about three times the size of the Olympic swimming pool, and the water remains constant at 28 degrees.
The lagoon is even warmer at 32 degrees Celsius.
Here you will find all the water slides including a four
This is the highest floor in Germany and the whirlpool.
There\'s even a mini waterfall, so you can pretend you\'re really in the tropics.
In addition to water activities, guests can explore the world\'s largest indoor rainforest with over 50,000 plants.
Guests can enjoy rare animals such as shark catfish, turtles and flamingos in the hotel.
There is a place for children to play, there is a swimming pool for bumper boats, a go-
Kart track and giant Lego.
You can try your hand at the mini golf course or go shopping.
This resort may be the perfect place for a winter getaway, but it will be much better in the summer.
The Amazon River is an outdoor area of the resort, including the longest White River in Germany, with more swimming pools and water attractions.
They also started a surf simulator this year.
Day tickets to the water park are 44 euros (£39. 33)
35 euros for adults (£31. 29)for children.
Alternatively, you can stay on site, start at € 75 and spend the night in the tent (£67. 05)
EUR 100 per person per night (£89. 39)
EUR 120 per person per night (£107. 27)
Per person per night.
Water Park and breakfast are included for an overnight fee.
In addition, all facilities available for overnight guests 24/7-
Although the water slide closed overnight.
Indiana Jones-
The water park in Bournemouth is about to open.
There is a new water park near Disney World, which has just opened.
Later this year, a new water park and theme park were opened near New York.
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