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trust me, it\'s time to stop using a knife block

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-05
Test Kitchen selection: Food Net kitchen staff share they can\'t live without kitchen tools
Whether at work or at home
Also, they use their tips and tricks like professionals do.
The kitchen tools I can\'t have are the family chefs who are most afraid of contact.
Of course, it seems to magically hold knives and scissors of all shapes and sizes, but the heavy knife magnet is not as terrible as you think.
After all, there is one for most restaurants and serious chefs.
My knife magnet is the key to keeping the kitchen clean and efficient, and at this point I will never go back to the knife block or the days when the knife is stored in the drawer.
As a New Yorker, I came here to know that counter space is scarce.
I can\'t occupy the coveted counter space in the kitchen with bulky knife blocks, so the knife magnet hanging on the wall completely changed my home --
Kitchen efficiency. I work full-
Time, there are two kids at home so I am interested in speed and efficiency and I prefer to put the knife where I can see it.
From the outside, the knives in one block look the same, pulling the knife in and out one by one until you find the right one, which is annoying and time consuming.
All the knives are not suitable for this block either (
Like my beloved kitchen knife. )
Finally, the knife block can hold bacteria. who will want it?
I know what you\'re thinking.
Isn\'t the knife hanging on the wall dangerous?
Is the knife really in place?
It is right to be cautious because the knife is not a toy.
Every time you take a knife, you have to be careful and realize that you have to be careful no matter where you put the knife.
My knife magnet is solid and reliable and has everything I need, from a heavy cutter to a small peeler.
In fact, it is much more dangerous to store knives in drawers because they are often buried under other tools and can poke a unsuspecting guest digging in the drawers.
I put all my knives on the knife magnet and face in the same direction, I put it on the wall for extra safety and can\'t catch it too easily or pass
My knife magnet hangs above the prep area where I usually put the cutting board.
I love it because it doesn\'t require any special cleaning and won\'t rust or get my knife dirty.
If you are a person with limited space and want to be more efficient in the kitchen, try it.
I assure you that you will not return to the era of bulky knife Gates!
Alexis Pisciotta is a recipe developer for Food Network Magazine when she is less hardworking in Queens, New York, and her two daughters.
She\'s lived sous.
Lupa and il Buco, the chefs of New York City\'s most popular Italian restaurants, have opened the city\'s first Salumeria/Resteraunt with crazy Tuscan cowboys as chefs. Serve as cooking guide at international cooking center.
She was in trouble at her daughter\'s kindergarten because she sent her daughter a metal lunch box knife to cut food. (She knew how! )
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