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two children killed as bouncy castle destroyed by tornado in china

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-09
An abnormal tornado swept an inflatable castle into the air Thursday afternoon, killing two children and injuring seven others.
This inflatable attraction is set up in a square in yuan county, Hebei province, where families can enjoy the second day of this year\'s Labor Day holiday.
A witness surnamed Wang told the Beijing News: \"the inflatable castle was swept up to two floors . \".
\"I ran over . . . . . . I saw a girl fall on the steps and her legs are broken.
Looking closer, the other child seems to have touched the ground first.
After the tornado, the weather returned to normal. The sky was clear and there was no wind.
Hundreds of people watched emergency workers and bystanders try to pull people out of the rainbow.
Colorful remains of inflatable castle after landing.
A child died at the scene.
Eight people were rushed to the lai Yuan county hospital and another child died.
The rest of the victims were stable.
According to the Beijing News, three people involved in the operation of the inflatable castle were detained by police.
Social media users have called for better security procedures for inflatable castles after the incident, the second incident in the region in recent weeks.
\"Don\'t blame the tornado.
This is all due to imperfect security procedures.
They didn\'t use a rope to protect both sides of the inflatable castle, \"one commenter wrote on Weibo, a popular microblogging service in China.
Two children were killed and 20 injured in a sudden tornado.
Like the \"dust devil\", in the neighboring cheng city county of Henan province, a resilient Castle was swept into the air late at night.
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