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two children killed when bouncy castle is swept into air by ‘dust devil’ in central china

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-09
Two children were killed and 20 injured. They fell from the inflatable castle and were swept into the air by a tornado.
Like the dust settled in central China on Sunday \".
The unusual weather activity dumped inflatable castles on the ground at a tourist attraction in Yucheng county, Henan province, packed with tourists around three o\'clock P. M. , the local government said in a statement on Weibo.
County government official Shi Jinhan said the two children died at the scene, but he did not have further details.
Shi said: \"The nature of the accident is not clear, because it is not clear yet . . . . . . This is an event that is partly caused by human factors . \".
Eighteen children and two adults were injured in the incident.
Local authorities say all the children were taken to hospital, one of them in serious condition while the other were treated for minor injuries.
There\'s a video of the incident in the newspaper.
Cn shows the chaotic scene of a vertical cyclone, similar to a tornado, spraying dust and debris into the air at tourist attractions.
When the inflatable castle was blown into the air, a bystander was heard shouting \"there was a child falling \".
An official in Tianmiao town, where the scenic spot is located, told the news website that it was a \"natural disaster \".
The unnamed official said: \"The wind came from the southwest and suddenly gathered strength when it arrived at the scene . \".
Zhang Xia, senior weather forecasters at the provincial Bureau, confirmed that the weather was a sandstorm, not a tornado.
She told Dahe News that conditions for tornadoes were inappropriate at the time of the accident-there was no unstable air quality and no chance of thunderstorms.
Wind and dust often occur on sunny days, often in deserts or dry river beds, while tornadoes form more strongly on rainy days, Zhang said.
Dust devils can be as large as 10 metres wide and more than 1 km in height for three to four minutes.
More information from the South China Morning Post: In this article, two children were killed while being swept into the air by a \"dust demon\" in central China, which first appeared in the South China Morning Post, learn the latest news from China Southern Morning Post, downloadCopyright 2019.
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